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German WWII stamp for sale?

Article about: Hi, I'm looking for a German WWII stamp with eagle and swastica (original of course). Do you know where I can buy such an item from?

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    Bunker Militaria has used and unused postage stamps. Bill Shea with Ruptured Duck has document ink stamps. Welcome to the forum

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    Quote by Hoggorm View Post
    I do not see the difference in looking for a stamp compared to looking for a helmet, Iron Cross or other medal.

    I ask for specific items because I'm looking for a stamp with the eagle (quite specific yes) (Hence the SS feldmütze RZM stamp mentioned below is not interesting at the moment). I think of it as the same as if you are looking for an Iron Cross 1st class, but I'm looking for any Iron Crosses. It is just different interests.

    Thank you for the advice. What do you think about this stamp? Is it real or fake?

    SA der N.S.D.A.P. Reiter Standarte 151 Saarbrücken Wood/Aluminum Stamp
    Thank you for your answer.
    Caution is your best friend in collection.
    I know a guy in Stra£burg who sell stamp.
    You can check here in miscellanous :

    Alsace Direct Militaria

    It 's local items from Elsass.
    But as usual, post here before buy,

    Your stamp looks like more as a wax stamp.

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    FYI. the RZM stamp is a total fantasy fabrication. It is a copy of early cloth tags placed in visor caps and kepis.


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    Ok, thank you all.

    Even though I did find some interesting (hopefully original) stamps for sale on some of the websites suggested above, they were not exactly what I was after. To be honest I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for either, but I was thinking either Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe or Heer stamps with the eagle... Basically as simple as possible I think.

    I guess I'll leave this thread (and my search) for now and maybe instead come back at some other time to ask for a little assistance again then.

    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    FYI. the RZM stamp is a total fantasy fabrication. It is a copy of early cloth tags placed in visor caps and kepis.
    Yes, I understand. The stamp was not interesting (since I'm looking for something different), but the discussion regarding fake/original was.

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