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Germany 14/2-- 22/2

Article about: Hi, vacation time coming up, and we are off to germany again. We will be stopping by hamburg for a couple of days, going to weitze to buy a few more items for the collection. Driving to kiel

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    Quote by Stinschen View Post
    That is a pity, Nuno

    Was this recently?
    in 2000, a photo of the remaining south tower, being blown up.
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    I see

    The one I just mentioned is also in Germany, Bremerhaven, I think. I will email the guy there and see if I can get more info for you. Give me a few hours, Nuno.

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    Online i could only find one visitable bunker in kiel, im hoping we find more places when were there.
    I have already rented the car, so everything is almost done.
    We just have to take a look at some more nice places to visite while were there.

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    Hi, in about two hours we willl depart to germany.
    Seems it will be a rainy day in hamburg tomorow, but it will not scare us.
    See you guys in a week, if possible i will keep you all posted.

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    Have a nice trip and give U 995 a big hug from me!

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    Looking forward to your pics mate have a good one !

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Try Bremerhaven, they have a good shipping museum and several old ships and boats you can go on. I was there some years ago and the E-Boot was my favorite.

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    Thank you, today we went to weitze, to pick up my stuff for the collection.
    They had just received two beautiful DAF and NSDAP flags, complete with flag pole and top.
    I did not wanted to leave the shop.
    And tomorow we are heading to Laboe, Kiel to visit u 995.

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    We have been to U-995, the Laboe tower memorial, auto museum, maritime museum, several ships and a lot more, today we stoped by the hamburg war cemetary and took a few photos but the heavy rain stoped us from going any further. There are still a lot of places left to visit.
    I have some fantastic photos to share with all of you.

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