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Ghosts of ww2!!!!!

Article about: I came across this site which some of you might find very interesting....Dutch historian Jo Hedwig Teeuwise uses photoshop tech to blend the present day and original ww2 photo's of the same

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    WOW!!! great photos..

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    some of my personal favourites.first up Saint Laurent Sur Mer WN65 command post this was one of the 1ST Infantry's first objectives following the landings.
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    Exiting the Beachhead at Omaha.
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    D-day plus one.the 2ND Infantry Division exiting at Saint Sur Mer WN65.
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    My favourite of all the haunting faces leaving Bloody Omaha,never get tired of this particular image.
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    some very moving and interesting work they do.. can also buy them from the website at a good price also

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    Adam Surrey who lives in Weymouth has joined "Ghosts of History" and is now applying the same process to many Weymouth pictures taken around Embarkation time,with Adams consent I will be up-dating new images as they arrive.....these shots are new to me..........enjoy and feel free to comment..........

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    Great effect, would love find out more about process of producing such images. thanks for showing.

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    The technique using layer masks in photoshop is simple enough — assuming one has images that lend themselves naturally to photo-composting together - the rest is patience in applying the cutouts, blending and subtle transparency effects to achieve a seamless result

    For those without Photoshop I think GIMP can achieve similar results?

    A great series of photo-montages ...thanks for posting

    I have always admired these haunting images by Cole Thompson : Ghosts of Auschwitz

    2008-5-10 Birkenau No 3 - Final 7-4-2008 750.jpg
    © Cole Thompson Photography 2008

    2008-5-10 Auschwitz No 4 - Final 7-5-2008 750.jpg
    © Cole Thompson Photography 2008

    2008-5-10 Auschwitz No 13 - Final 6-24-2008 750.jpg
    © Cole Thompson Photography 2008
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    Here's how an amatuer does the 'before & after' shots!

    Feldherrnhalle 1.jpg

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