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Going fishing

Article about: G'day all, well I'm off on my fishing trip in around 2 hours so I'll catch up with you gents in a few weeks. 17 blokes, 7 four wheelies, 4 boats, lots of beer (according to another thread us

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    Have a good trip Dave!


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    Forgot to mention Dave that you will be a busy boy yanking those lesser 4WD's out of trouble.
    Go Landy,Go you good thing.
    All the best mate

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    I'm back! a few knives and hooks through fingers, a few fish caught, a lot of beer consumed and 1900kms later we all survived. The weather was great, a bit overcast a few days but still hot (I think that is inclement weather Nick) but very still which was terrific for playing around in boats and a bit of beach fishing. I hope you enjoy the pics, they are in no particular order,
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    Awesome Catches Dave! Every Summer i also go on a fishing trip up to the lake of the woods in canada. Its me, my dad, his friend and his son who is also my age. Its always a blast! And its also a little fun when its just guys so you dont have to watch what you say infront of your mom lol.

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    I don't blame you for coming back Dave, it looks awful.

    Is that a Bronze Whaler?

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    Glad that you enjoyed it Dave, great shots!


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    Cheers Adrian, it was hard to take! The shark in the boat is a small bronzie and the little ones on the beach are small black tip reef sharks. We caught a larger tiger shark but he was bigger than the boat so we cut the line. Mostly we caught snapper, various emperor, a few tailor, flathead and plenty of sharks. We also took squid at night off the rocks but this of course meant putting our beers down so we didn't catch many.

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    Cheers Carl.

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    It looks like you had a great time Dave!
    I am looking forward to summer here as well.
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    Looks like a great trip! For the pics of you guys in the water......THERE ARE SHARKS OUT THERE!!!! LOL


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