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Grenadier Military Antiques. Safe?

Article about: Does anyone have any experience with this site? Is Bruce Herman trustworthy? I am considering making a purchase and don't have a lot of experience. Any help or info would be great, thanks.

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    I dont know about other items but overall with buckles I have had good experiences when buying from Bruce. He has a couple of fakes on there but so have most dealers, they cannot be experts on everything as a whole. As with everything if you are unsure get opinions first

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    When collecting never depend upon ANY seller to authenticate items for you. Study items of interest and learn, there are many images of authentic items online and in many reference books. Post items for other collectors thoughts and then decide for yourself before spending any money. Researching cannot be emphasized enough. Many collectors are in a hurry to build a collection and end up with bad items from making poor decisions. I have bought items from Grenadier, the service was fine and the items as pictured and described.

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    I saw a fake Turkish buckle on his site, informed him and within 24 hours the buckle was removed. Like any dealer, he's not in it to go broke, or for charity- always be mindful.



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