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Guess the picture quiz!

Article about: The so called "V-3". Cheers, Ade.

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    M29, it gives radioactive sickness to it own crew

    if im right give it to Mo

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    Yes Franz you are correct mate.
    M28 or M29 Davy Crockett.
    Nasty little piece of kit.
    Yo Mo here you go.
    The M65's only live fire Atomic test.
    Fired on May 25 1953.


    Thanks Franz.
    Your up Mo.

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    Sweet it was a stupid concept

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    A scary last resort option hey mate.

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    Thanks Franz!

    This is one of a series of vehicles. What is this series called, and what country used them?

    I will post another if it takes you guys awhile.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Its a Pavesi Armored Car used by Italy

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    Quote by AmericanKraut View Post
    Its a Pavesi Armored Car used by Italy
    Isn't someone the Italian experimental armored car guru, haha... You're up man.

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    Who is this Man, What Unit did he lead, How many Germans did his unit kill in one day (Approximately) and how many of the men in his unit survived the war?

    Lyle Bouck.jpg

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    Lyle Bouck, Jr. (December 17, 1923) enlisted in the U.S. National Guard at age 14. During World War II, he was a 20 year old Lieutenant in charge of the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Platoon, 394th Infantry Regiment, 99th Infantry Division. On the first morning of the Germans' advance during the Battle of the Bulge, his 18 man unit along with four forward artillery observers held off an entire German battalion of more than 500 men for nearly an entire day, killing or wounding 92, and significantly delayed the German advance in a vital sector of the northern front. Every single member of the platoon was later decorated, making it one of the most decorated platoons in all of World War II.

    On October 26, 1981, after considerably lobbying and letter-writing by Bouck, members of the unit were finally decorated. Fourteen of the 18 members were present. Secretary of the Army John O. Marsh hosted the ceremony. Every member of the platoon was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. Four members were given the Distinguished Service Crosses, five Silver Stars, and ten Bronze Stars with V devices, all for their 10 hour struggle with an entire 500-man strong German battalion.

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    Right on I guess I made a mistake not renaming the picture DOH! Not saying that you used that but good job.
    I believe that the 99th infantry division is one of the most underrepresented US units. Seeing how the buldge was most of the 99ths first conflict they fought like hardened veterans. (Hence the nick name Battle Babies) They were also the first complete division to cross the Remagen Bridge.
    Your turn Adrian
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