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Gumtree what would you do?

Article about: Well I saw this add purple heart us military medal | Southampton | Gumtree . It was cheap enough for what it was so thought I would go for it and paid by paypal along with buyer protection.

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    I too have used Gumtree on several occasions, all of which have been positive. I think the important thing is to apply the same rules you would when buying anything online such as asking for additional photographs, getting a phone number from the seller and using a secure method such as paypal as you have done, I really hope that you can get your money back in this case.



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    Thanks for replies guys, ive had a reply now after using the paypal resolution centre mmmmm what does everyone think?


    I should have said in the advert that the photo was not of the actual item.

    This was my error sorry.

    I will advise my dad to issue the refund so as to close the PayPal dispute when I have received the medal back.

    Please send it to:

    D R Joyce

    194 Stirling crescent



    SO30 2AH

    Sorry again


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    I think the seller needs to issue you a refund "now" just to show it was a good old honest mistake. You will have to send it registered or he will most likely say it never arrived and that will cost you a few quid on top as well.

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    Makes you wonder why the advert wasn't for the actual item.

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    I think your right D. after all I paid then received the item myself. And god knows Adrian its not hard to take a pic of what your selling or at least say its different eh?

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    The seller is at fault and should be doing his best to rectify the situation...including the cost of return postage just so that he clears his name. I think that if he is not willing to pay up first he is showing his true colours.

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