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Happy Birthday Ade. x

Article about: I want to wish my darling hubby a wonderful birthday, have a great day, love you loads. xxx

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    my good wishes go with the rest.

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    happy birthday ade

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    Hi Guys, many thanks for all the kind wishes and comments.

    The years do seem to fly by.

    Sadly I had to work today. Busy times. But tonight Charlotte and the Grandkids came over and we went out to an original 1950's American Diner (only one in the UK) for dinner. They got fake $100 bills for eating up!

    Lez did bake me a cake, a double Lemon cake with Poppy seeds. Made with Lemons from our own tree.

    I am settling back now with a bottle of Merlot.

    Thanks once again!

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Happy birthday Ade. All the best.
    I am sure you had a nice time with your family.
    Here is a nice video for you
    Happy Birthday ( Indian, Funny ) - YouTube
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    Happy birthday ade hope you have had a good day.

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    Ade all the best on your birthday . Gary

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    Happy Birthday Ade ! looks like you had a good time !
    Prost ! Steve.
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    Happy Birthday and all the best from across the pond Ade.
    Looks like you had a great time.........!


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    Happy Birthday, Ade!!!

    The years, they do fly by! Just adds to the seasoning. Have a marvelous day!


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    Best wishes and happy bday!

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