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Happy Canada Day

Article about: The greatest of the many wonderful gifts Canada has given me:

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    Default Happy Canada Day

    To all the Canadians here , have a Great Canada Day ! Don't drink too much , on second thought Drink Too Much ! And have a wonderful day !
    Cheers Chris

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    Default Re: Happy Canada Day

    Thanks Chris what do you have planned for today I was out setting crab traps at 5 AM so with any luck by late this afternoon BEER, BBQ, and pot of boiling water filled to the brim with crab

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: Happy Canada Day

    Just finished painting the bottom of the boat ! With that poison copper paint , great Canada Day fun ! But I'll have a beer or two at some point . Maybe three . And might hit the down town , for the beer tents and a Bar or two . Have a great one Mark , we don't get the good crab on this coast , but we do get the good Lobsters ! Have a Great Day one and all .

    Cheers Chris

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    Default Re: Happy Canada Day

    Happy "Canada day" to all our Canadian members ! have a couple of lobsters/crabs for me guys !
    Prost ! Steve.
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    Default Re: Happy Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day to all our friends from the True North!

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    Default Re: Happy Canada Day

    Yes even here the day was celebrated by the local Expats.

    From Sosua News 26/06:

    On Sunday, June 30 Canada Day will be celebrated in Sosúa. Sosúa houses a large number of residents and regular visitors from Canada who think it is appropriate to celebrate Canada Day. Sunday June 30 the Canada Day Street Fair will be held in the street Pedro Clisante. From noon until 11 PM the street will be closed for traffic and all kinds of activities take place. There will be activities and games for children. In addition, a market, a fishing game and a Craft Show take place. The afternoon is for the entire family. Among other things, the dance school of Emily Watson provides a number of performances. In the evening you can enjoy the terraces in the street and performances by the band 'The Dropouts'. The event is organized by Club Canada RD with the cooperation of various bars and restaurants in the street.
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    Default Re: Happy Canada Day

    Enjoy your special day guys

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    Default Re: Happy Canada Day

    Yes, Happy Canada Day! I am grateful to all those that have given so much so that we may live in peace and freedom in this great nation.

    Forever Grateful.jpg

    dominion day.jpg

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    Default Re: Happy Canada Day

    I'd sing "O Canada!" for you guys, but I never memorized anything more than the first 2 words...(At least you don't have to be a shave headed eunuch to sing Your national anthem, unlike we Americans who can never hit the high notes on

    P.S. I have enough generations of Canadienne blood in me dating back to the 1600's, so I'm allowed to pick on Canada's anthem...(Just thought I'd include that before you Canucks start organizing a southern bound invasion force...)

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Happy Canada Day

    I hope the Canadian Band "Rush " Plays somewhere during this celebration..I would love to experience it. I would like to see female Mounties if they have them....I like women in uniform
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