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Happy War of 1812 Day

Article about: Just wanted to say I know who won the war of 1812 , we did ! Canada that is , the simple answer is we got invaded ,we fought off that attack and went down south and burnt down the White Hous

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    gents you need a little clarification of the title of thread tho. it's confusing ones on this side of Atlantic LOL

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    I'd say it to anyone , anytime and chances are I wouldn't be shot over it because I live in Canada ( the True North strong and Free )
    Cheers Chris

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    True, you might not get shot in Canada, but if you accidentaly stuck yourself with that sharp untrained tongue, you might expire before you received healthcare. By the way, if anyone is unsure as to the results of the war of 1812, we could do it again and see. Yes, I am kidding, we dont need to see any more death.


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    Chris, this date should be a National Holiday - much like Victoria Day
    or Canada Day - with all sorts of fireworks.........!


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