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Has anyone dealt with Oakleaf Militaria?

Article about: Has anyone dealt with Oakleaf Militaria? are they reputable? Thanks in advance!!

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    Default Re: Has anyone dealt with Oakleaf Militaria?

    He has a lot of fakes.

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    When you say "he has a ton of fakes" this is implying his whole site is bogus. Can you be more specific and list here some of the fakes he sells? For example, I was considering a few of his tinnie items. Prices are high, but then he has a few very hard to find pieces as far as tinnie go.

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    If a dealer has a lot of fakes listed and some one asks about his pedigree and is told that fact only a fool would buy from him.

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    Oakleaf is one of those dealers who has a mixed bag. Good pieces-bad pieces. I think he honestly doesn't know how to tell the difference. So.....dig for the diamonds in the dung heap? Just use your own judgement and if there are any pieces that you are not certain of-post them here for examination.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I also have purchased a few items from him and was quite pleased with my merchandise..
    You just have to be knowledgable about what items your buying....
    I have been burned before by "Bigger" sites because of my lack of expertise....Gwar

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    SteveR, I am assuming from your retort you are implying I am a fool for wanting to buy from this dealer. Please, look at the whole thread and you will see FOUR replies have been positive for the dealer, one is neutral, four are negative. Negative ones only mention uniforms, except for one and that's the non-focused reply ("a whole bunch of fakes") that elicited my question. I'm specifically asking about tinnie items. Period. I'd like to know if anyone here dealt with this dealer concerning tinnie. Any kind reply to that effect would be appreciated.

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    Relax,'s bad for your blood pressure...As for the tinnies on Oakleaf, I just took a spin through them and I'm not seeing any that are screaming Beware! Only a few of them are priced more than a short bit in any case, so I'd say it's safe enough. Sniffing through the hats, on the otherhand, I saw one that immediately shouted loudly to avoid, at which point I did,indeed,stop looking. Like I said above-it's a mixed bag. Any doubts-post them up here and everyone here will keep you out of the mudholes.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Yeah relax Will like Wagriff says Steve is only telling you to be careful especially with your hard earned cash I have looked at his site numerous times I can't afford it personally way over priced IMO. timothy

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    Will mate if the Oak leaf issues has created to much pain just simply find another dealer, there are many better than him. Emedals, Ruptured Duck, Lakeside.....

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    No need to go elsewhere, IMO, Will, as elsewhere may not have the item you're interested in. As Wagriff stated, just beware, as he has a few fakes....not "a ton", but still, a few. Make sure to always post your possible purchases prior to paying, too. That will help insure you don't buy anything fake.
    Funny enough, oakleaf had a "untouched" LAH tunic for sale recently. Shortly after his posting of the item, it came out the cuff-title was recently sold by a member here, making it undoubtably Not a untouched tunic. From there, the tunics reputation fell completely apart. Still, I don't blame this on oakleaf one bit, nor do I think he had prior knowledge of the restoration. He even pulled the item once he discovered all of this.
    We are all human, even dealers, thus, mistakes will be made. I can guarantee you All dealers, including Ruptured, Collectors Guild, etc. have sold a fake/reproduction at one point in their career. These things just happen as nobody can be a expert in ever sub-field in our community. What I find to be truly important is what the dealer does when evidence comes forth proving a item they sold is fake. Oakleaf, among the other dealers I've stated would probably refund your money; such makes them worthy of my business.
    Now there are other well known dealers who will fight you nail-and-tooth no matter how much evidence you proved, and you will never see a refund. I don't wish to public say their names, but if you'd like, private message me and I'll gladly tell you.

    P.S - I, too, had a look at oakleafs selection of tinnes, and didn't find any which appeared to be a fake/reproductions. However, I am not really a collector of said items so I could be wrong. If you don't mind my asking, which items are you interested in?
    (Add- holy crap, didn't realize I wrote a novel here until after I posted apologizes, lol.)

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