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have you ever seen this i found them on a german book paper flags

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    Default have you ever seen this i found them on a german book paper flags

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    new to me.

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    Looks like the kind the Germans handed out for parades.

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    If paper made typical parade party flag and pennet they were often strung on a string with half dozen or more these could have welcomed the Furher himself as he came down the street who knows. timothy

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    IMO...maybe parade handouts. It was much more inexpensive than to hand out smaller hand held flags.
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    Hi, I would agree with the above members. Party Day, National Day, parade and rally souvenier flags etc. Had had some several years ago and wish that I had kept them. In fact I visited a Life Boat Station only this week and was given an RNLI paper flag as a souvenier of the visit.
    Cheers MR

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    I have also seen strings of these as bunting, cheap for all the parades etc they liked to indulge in.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    The paper Flag looks quite similar to mine,(sorry for bad pics).


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    Under your last picture,the one that says "Canto De Guerra" Calais ? (can't make out the word) it says these are the words of the"Nazi war song" yes, they were usually strung as bunting for Nazi occasions.


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