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Article about: the floor is just as good i guess good for the back

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    Welcome onboard

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    Yes I do know the Doylestown area some what. If you ever make it back drinks are on me!

    Thanks again guys!

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    dear Element7,thanks for your drinking proposal !If think you'd rather ship me a good'old bottle of whatever you want,cause it's gonna be hard to come back in your state since my brother moved to London,a wonderful city but quite easier to visit than Philadelphia.By the way,during Philadelphia's visit,I loose myself,and finished in very "black" part of the town.Ay one moment,I was the only "white"(no racism in the term,just a fact...)in the streets,with my nice video recorder in the hands...
    Some kind of fear....But nothing happened.Speaking with some of your fellows,they told me I was a crazy lucky guy...May be cause I'm French.A very good moment in a kind of City we donot have in France.Mine looks like the pic attached.Have a good day!
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    sebfrench76, Yes there is some parts of Philly that you must be careful in! Its ashame but its true of a lot of U.S. city's. I'm glade your experience wasn't a bad one. Thanks for the nice picture!

    Take care,


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    Hi Element7,I have to say that's a shame to get lost in a square-planned town as Philadelphia,especially when you're a student in architecture(as I used to be...)I've read in your profile you were a Knifemaker.Do you have pics of your realizations?

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    sebfrench76 Here is a link to my web site gallery and for sale sections. Click on the the little thumb nails for more pictures. Thanks for asking about my work I enjoy showing it to people!

    Kirby Bletcher Custom Knives & Engraving - Home > Gallery

    Kirby Bletcher Custom Knives & Engraving - Home > For Sale


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    dear element7,hello and I have troubles to find my breath after visiting your site...I have a very handy business as model maker for architects and I have NEVER seen such a high quality in a knife hand work.You are a real beast!!!What I've seen are masterpieces.My warmest congratulations for your engraving so delicate and accurate.Do you use photo etched steel or a computer milling machine?If not ,you're an artist.As we say in France "chapeau bas !"(hat off!)Thanks again and see you soon.

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    Hello Kirby! this place rocks ! this place is my boredom killer lol if it was a living room i would be the guy sleeping on the couch

    so much to learn ............


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    Hey Kirby and welcome

    Be careful on this site, minutes can quickly become hours and a pleasant wife can soon turn moody !!!

    Quote by Cobra den Bien Phieu View Post
    ...... if it was a living room i would be the guy sleeping on the couch .........
    Cobra !!! I was there first ! Gerrof me couch !

    Steve T

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    YES SIR !!!! i cant argue with a Moderator lol

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