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Article about: Just wanted to say hello as just discovered this forum! Great site! I have a very small collection of stuff which I make seek advice in identifying. I was also lucky enough to grow up in Sen

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    As i remember it it was the one just inside the town it had a large double gate with a brick arch above the gateway, on the arch was the remnants of the original panzer company , ive been trying to find the photo but no luck, for the life of me i cant remember the name as we were only there for two weeks with the cadet force i was one of the adult staff at 18yrs old, but boy did we get up to some tricks, i seem to remember that the baor regt that was there were reme, but i could be wrong, i vividly recall the very wide flight of concrete stairs up to the billets, as i had to carry our sgt major up them fireman style because he was too drunk to even crawl, and he was ex para,

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    I grew up first in Munsterlager (Dennis Barracks). That was a very interesting camp - packed with history - ambandoned bunkers, buildings etc. The area was heavily wooded and a quick sortee would find piles of discarded equipment (mainly post war UK). From searching on the internet it appears the camp was a chemical testing facility of some sort during the war. Rather more darkly it was very close to Bergen Belsen. 79 onwards I lived in Sennelager - my father was Royal Artillery based in Barker Barracks (Padernorn). Sennelager Ranges were (quite illegally) a great place to explore. Some fascinating armour which sadly was being systematically blown to pieces as target practice (one of which was a Flakpanzer IV or Wirbelwind). Some of you may remember STC (Sennelager Training Centre). I remember there was an assault course towards the back of the camp. One time myself and a mate were digging there and unearthed a live 88mm shell. The area was soon cordoned off and the rumour was there was an undiscovered bunker complex (bunker entrances were evident all around that area). I hear tell they removed all manner of ordance, weapons and even uniforms. We returned some weeks later but only came up with uniform fragments and bits of really what were all rubbish. Quite close to my house were evidence of trenches which I presume had been part of the range during the war (though the area did see some action at the end of the war) - a couple of hours with a metal detector would bring you carrier bags of spent cartridge cases. I don't know if anyone has read the books by Sven Hassel - Paderborn/Sennelager is mentioned regularly as a Panzer Training area.

    I went to school in Mansergh Barracks, Gutersloh. During renovations of the front gate they discovered a huge stone eagle near the gate (set in the wall). They left it uncovered (minus the swastika - which was left discreetly covered).

    Good days!!

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