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Hello! I got ripped off!

Article about: Hello, I'm new to the site and just started collecting. I am off to a horrific start. I was looking for German items and guess who's site I get directed to first. Mr. Charles Snyder. I got t

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    Charlie, when forced to the wall, generally Will give a refund, as he figures it's simply easier and cheaper to do so rather than go through all the rigamarole of a court case, etc. It's the embarrassed victims that do Not push it that he banks on. The problem being, as has been said, is that to debunk a so-called expert, you need an expert yourself to refute his claims, and when Charlie stands up and shows his 50 years of selling credentials, his books and contented victims affidavit's,etc ad nauseum, it's tough,indeed, to convince a court otherwise. If drowned in an ocean of irrefutable evidence against his claimed item, the worst he has to do is to simply say "Whoops! I guess I was wrong on that one! No one is ever 100%, Your Honor, and I Did refund right away when asked! What more could I do?" But enough of old Charlie. Now that you've been stung by the viper, you'll know to always avoid contact with it again.

    As for reputable dealers, there are plenty out there, such as Hannahs Reich, The Collectors Guild, Klaus Butschek, The Ruptured Duck, Lakesidetrader, name just a few that come immediately to mind. Avoid or at least approach with great caution, sites like eBay. Yes, there are good things there on occasion but it is a Very dangerous place for newer collectors, as it is literally loaded to the gills with thieves as well. Good luck!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Quote by Feuerbach View Post
    Please post pictures of the items you bought.
    Yes, that`s a great idea

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    Does anyone have any experience with Black Cross Militaria?

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    Black Cross Militaria is one to be avoided. They will not refund your money even when you show them that on the forums the item they sold you is bad. They tell you that the people on the forums have an "agenda" and will not refund your money. I would not buy from them.

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    Rask Antik WWII German Militara is a reputable dealer ( if a tad pricey )
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    I am new to collecting also and the first dealer site I found online was Snyders. He enjoys a very high Google ranking and his site always comes up when doing a search so it's likely that many people have been scammed by him.

    I became suspicious of his store due to the sheer volume of artifacts he has for sale- Hitler's artwork, Eva Braun's underwear etc. etc. etc. you gotta be kidding. So I searched for his name on this site and found all of the discussions about him and they confirmed all of my suspicions.

    So, Googling and researching potential dealers outside of their own websites is a very good idea.

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    Quote by Jaysmark View Post
    Hello, I'm new to the site and just started collecting. I am off to a horrific start. I was looking for German items and guess who's site I get directed to first. Mr. Charles Snyder. I got taken for over 800 bucks right out of the gate. His site seems so legit. He has a book, a picture of him sitting next to Albert Speer, all of these incredible items. It took me like 3 days after I got the items to realize they were all fake and I had been had. I am currently in the process of trying to get my money back. He may finally get the lawsuit he so richly deserves. Don't be surprised if you see me on the forums looking for people to sign testimonies against Mr. Snyder. I come from a family of lawyers and according to them, this guy should pay a heavy fine and be in jail. Anyway, the real question Im here to ask is who are the reputable dealers. I'm looking for websites not names. I'm heading to the Ohio version of the show of shows later in the year and am looking to continue my learning. Any tips for a first timer who just learned a terrible lesson?

    I feel your pain. There are some sharks out there thats for sure, and sometimes even when you do everything right you can still get stung. I remember my first major purchase, I researched the item, posted photos on here, researched the dealer, bought the item and was sent a totally different post war fake.
    I now stick to a small group of dealers I know I can trust:

    The Ruptured Duck - German WWII Memorabilia / Militaria
    A Collector's Guild
    World War II German Helmets - Buy the BEST HERE!

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    A smiling scumbag!He smiles because this piece of dung has ripped off more collectors than carter has pills.

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    Any way Jaysmark you have lots of supporters/funny guys -(They are great) here as you've seen, enjoy your future endeavors.

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