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Hello! I got ripped off!

Article about: Hello, I'm new to the site and just started collecting. I am off to a horrific start. I was looking for German items and guess who's site I get directed to first. Mr. Charles Snyder. I got t

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    Default Snyder the dung man

    What dung looks like!Ole Charlie and his site of pure swill!

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    Steveru, Welcome to the forum.Back when I started in 1969 their was a dealer named Roger Steele and he had a list of high end fakes galore.I have many books,but you might get a kick out of these two publications.They were called "Fakes and Frauds of the Third Reich by Freiherr von Mollendorf. First one was published in 1969 and the 2nd in 1971.This cretin Steele advertised Goring's Bathroom Rug,Hitler's Toliet seat along with Goring's shorts.Silly of course until you see that some moron bought the shorts!Their were several cretins making high end edged weapons in Munich and their is so much more.All German medals,badges uniforms,hats of every rarity were being made from A-Z.I could tell you stories when I personally saw big name dealers buy fakes.I am not going to get into no doubt some controversy about these bad guys,suffice to say several are still with us and Snyder is the biggest fraud (nicest name I could use) among them.I assume you are a new collector and please don't buy the stories,buy the piece!I will end this post with this piece of advise.Don't assume any dealer will not rip you off.If he is one of the few who is a decent,honest guy then you will get your money back in case the piece is bad.Others will take your money and laugh themselves silly when you go.Use this forum and you will find out what dealers to avoid at all cost.Remember when one of the phonies will smile at you like he's your buddy,he's not!!!

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    Update - I got all my money back from Snyder. It was not to his credit though. Paypal has been refunding a lot of his customers so they are used to the complaints.

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    Thats great news, wonder if paypay will sue them. They would have some powerful lawyers

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    I'm betting that Charlie will soon stop accepting PayPal, as they will, no doubt, begin seizing his funds as they come in, to cover what they have had to refund to his customers.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Glad to hear that you got your money back Jaysmark.That Charlie had to give back his ill gotten gains must really get to that pile of dung!

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    So sorry to hear of your troubles. Bayonets aside, I have always stayed right away from Third Reich stuff, in part for this reason. I have always heard bad things about Snyder... Additionally I've always considered his inventory to be a little 'too good to be true'.

    Joining a great site such as this one is certainly a step in the right direction in regards to avoiding this happening again (expensive items should always be posted for scrutiny prior to purchase).

    Best regards,

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    They should sieze that rat Snyder and put him away in jail where that dung pile belongs.He's been around since the 60s and I always wondered why he didn't end up like Roger Steele of "HOLLYWOOD HOBBIES" on a slab in the morgue in L.A. for screwing the wrong guy.

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    Hey Goodbuys - how about posting some items
    from your collection.........?


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    Steve,I have no digital camera.The old sony I had went south on me.I live on Long Island and there is a big camera shop which when I started looking on the net had just what I wanted.I wll be going to purchase asap and will start posting.I always went after quality and you will see some nice pieces I bought back in 1971-early 90s.After that the tunics and caps started really being humped up.Some dealers as you know call it reapplied, rebadged, and re this and that.It is not an original and this b.s. should stop,but there greed is unbelievable!I posted a White SA SUMMER TUNIC when I first joined this forum.It has the rank of standatenfuhrer (colonel) and an original Blood Order ribbon correctly applied.The underlay of the boards is carmine as well as the color of the tabs for OSAF staff of the SA.It comes with an early kepi without the tress and the piece is colored in carmine with gold wired piping on the crown and carmine and gold piping on the upturn.It comes with a near mint pair of brecches.It is my favorite outfit of all that I own!Carl P.S. I am not saying that humpups didn't exist before the 90s,i am saying the prices started going up and up and more bad stuff started hitting the dealers inventory at that time.When you have been in this hobby for 44 years like me you know the old timers who really started selling garbage but that's another story!

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