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Hello! I got ripped off!

Article about: Hello, I'm new to the site and just started collecting. I am off to a horrific start. I was looking for German items and guess who's site I get directed to first. Mr. Charles Snyder. I got t

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    Default Hello! I got ripped off!

    Hello, I'm new to the site and just started collecting. I am off to a horrific start. I was looking for German items and guess who's site I get directed to first. Mr. Charles Snyder. I got taken for over 800 bucks right out of the gate. His site seems so legit. He has a book, a picture of him sitting next to Albert Speer, all of these incredible items. It took me like 3 days after I got the items to realize they were all fake and I had been had. I am currently in the process of trying to get my money back. He may finally get the lawsuit he so richly deserves. Don't be surprised if you see me on the forums looking for people to sign testimonies against Mr. Snyder. I come from a family of lawyers and according to them, this guy should pay a heavy fine and be in jail. Anyway, the real question Im here to ask is who are the reputable dealers. I'm looking for websites not names. I'm heading to the Ohio version of the show of shows later in the year and am looking to continue my learning. Any tips for a first timer who just learned a terrible lesson?
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    Hello and welcome to the forum , I am sorry to hear that you have been ripped off so badly , the TR collecting area is a real mine field and has been for the last 70 years. Some of the original badge and award makers from the TR period even continued making items for the GI's who occupied the former reich. As for Mr Snyder I personally have not dealt with him ,but I have heard that he is best avoided and enjoy's to play on his "TV" reputation as an expert! I hope you get your money back soon, all the best, Leon.
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    Welcome to the forum mate, sorry to hear about your bad experience. My suggestion would be to post pics of anything you're looking at buying here before you part with hard earned cash. Also mention who or where it is that you're buying the item from and you should get some helpful advice. Good luck mate.

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    Having a lot of years under my belt as a collector (as many others here) and auctioneer, I believe I can offer some advice useful to new collectors of anything from matchbook covers to antique cars. I'm sure my fellow forum members will agree with much of what I have to say:

    1.) Every field of collecting has fakes. I've always said that fakes make collecting a lot more interesting, as they force a collector to educate himself. Unfortunately, education costs money, and forgers are always happy to take your hard earned dough.

    2.) Before you spend your first dollar, spend time. Spend time learning which dealers and auctioneers are legitimate, who guarantees their material, how long they've been in business, their area of expertise, and how they are regarded by the collecting community. In the short term, that's your safest bet as it will take a long, long time to learn how to distinguish the myriad fakes from the genuine items.

    3.) As mentioned above, post questionable items on a forum...but only if you have the item on approval. No use buying a piece only to have to jump through hoops to return it. You may get diverging opinions.

    4.) Any idiot can write a book or get their picture taken with a "personality". Most reference books are excellent, but a lot are written by whores trying to legitimize themselves. Find out which ones are good and read them.

    5.) Try to purchase using a credit card. Your credit card issuer will usually back you if there's an issue with the piece. ALWAYS get a receipt!

    Hope this helps...I'm sure others here can add a lot more.

    Good luck in your endeavor.


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    Sorry you got taken by a known scumbag!He's like the plague and hopefully he will get what he deserves and he's gotten away with his frauds for 40 something years!Make sure you get in touch with the Consumer Affairs Complaint Bureau in his hometown or wherever Consumer Affairs Bureau closest to him.I was able to get my money plus postage from a cretin auction in Florida after I contacted the C.A.B.Make sure you keep all info on your payments and any letters,etc from the SOB synder.Go to the Postal Inspectors and bring heat on that pile of dung!!

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    Sorry to hear that ! You have to be so careful!

    This is one of the best dealers imo;

    A Collector's Guild

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    Your best bet is to do a lot of reading on here and study the many high quality pictures posted by the members of both original and fake items. Always try and post pictures of your potential purchases on here beforehand. The fellow members here are a great resource when you're starting out. Once you've made a few purchases of original material, with help, you'll start to get a feel for what is real on your own.

    As Nick recommended, Collectors Guild is a good resource for original material and also as an educational tool. He has some of the most detailed write-ups of his items of any dealer online.

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    Thanks so much for the info guys. I'm going after this prick in every way possible. How in the world has he gotten away with this for so long. I cant imagine the volume of money he has made pedaling fake crap. This guy literally has a case to be in jail.

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    Please post pictures of the items you bought.

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    When I first started collecting on-line, I found Mr Snyders site. The only thing that kept me from ordering from him was the site took so long to load I lost patience. If you check here first, these fine folks will help you learn to tell real from fake. John at GERMANWARBOOTY.COM...Authentic Militaria is another very good dealer. You will find if you use the dealers who advertise here and support the forum that if they ever should have a fake in, they will be very quick to exchange the item or refund your money.

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