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Helmet stands ?

Article about: Not sure how much they cost new, ... but I picked this one up in an "antiques" centre for 7.00 GBP Gary J. by Zeller very nice glass head! Are they expensive?

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    Default Helmet stands ?

    Hello Seb,
    These are the stands I cobbled together from spare bit's and pieces, some old engine starter carts, wood, and plaster etc.
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    Default Re: Helmet stands ?

    I can tell you this much. They are original and quite unique. Good thinking.

    rgds, Ty

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    Default Re: Helmet stands ?

    nice idea, looks good too!



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    Default Re: Helmet stands ?

    Hi Navyman,
    This is what i use for helmet stands i make them out of solid resin
    and paint them, I like them as relic as it gives them a good look.
    and they look good with all types of helmet.

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    Default Re: Helmet stands ?

    Hello again Panzer 3,
    I'm very impressed with your display stands and would like to make some myself if you don't mind me copying your method? If OK with you could you let me know which resin you use, I have a repro stick grenade which would make a good pattern.
    Thanks for your interest, best regards,

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    Default Re: Helmet stands ?

    I've been using aged replica german gas mask cannisters with lead weights at the bottom for the two helmets that I own at the moment, I'll get some pictures up as soon as I get my camera working again


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    Default Re: Helmet stands ?

    I keep my eye out for ex-hairdresser Glass heads !
    .. No problem with foam or rubber contamination with these, and they look good !

    Gary J.
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    Default Re: Helmet stands ?

    very nice glass head! Are they expensive?

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    Default Re: Helmet stands ?

    Good morning all,
    I've been looking for the glass or polystyrene display heads in all the local charity shops for ages and havn't found one yet. They seem to be as rare as rocking horse sh, (sorry), hens teeth, here in the South West. I get some funny looks when enquiring about them, people usually stare at my head to see if I'm wearing a wig.
    Thanks for the suggestions,

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    Default Re: Helmet stands ?

    They can be made in a transparant resin!
    I am working on original 1930's display mannequin's heads at the momment.
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    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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