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Help with display case!

Article about: Here is the second case that fits my Lufty just perfectly! Ryan

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    Default Help with display case!

    Hey guys, i just recently went to Michaels arts and crafts and found this lighted display case on clearance for 10$ which was an amazing deal. I was just wondering on how you guys would brace the dagger on the foam backing so it could hang on a wall and display nicely.

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    You could try some sort of wire and pins to hold the wire to the backing. If you do be sure to get wire that has some kind of barrier between it and the dagger so it doesn't scratch it. Awesome idea man its gonna look great!

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    Default Re: Help with display case!

    That's a great box. I didn't see any lighted boxes at my Michaels store. They had a shadow box but I had to install LED lights myself. That was a chore. Is that one battery operated or plug-in?
    As for your question, possibly fishing line? It's clear and strong. Don't know about long term wear and tear on the dagger parts though.

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    Default Re: Help with display case!

    As Douglas said it would be held on place with wire and pins, you could try and make some form of ledge for it to sit on.

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    Default Re: Help with display case!

    Alright thanks guys! Those shadow boxes were originally 100$ and i got them both for 10 a piece! I'll work on this later this week, i just needed your guys opinions on what i should do. I'll try to build a ledge but that will be a process and elimination.
    Edit: It is battery operated so i can hang it wherever.

    Thanks Again

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    Default Re: Help with display case!

    I use clear plastic coated wire to suspend my knives/daggers. You'll need to
    poke little holes in the backing board once you decide on the postion of the
    knife and scabbard. Is there a way to remove the matt or trim on the
    lid, as it will obscure quite a lot of the display inside.........


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    Default Re: Help with display case!

    Steve, is the wire you use similiar to the wire they secure children toys to the boxes? Thick wire with a clear plastic coating.

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    Default Re: Help with display case!

    Very Nice case, But is there a way to put the dagger in it without obscuring the view.
    With that beauty you just got ,I would not want anything in the way of viewing it in its entire glory.
    Just my 2 centavos
    Semper Fi

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    Default Re: Help with display case!

    My mom said the same exact thing steve, i think i may just have to live with it. The thing is it doesn't obscure much actually because when you are looking at it you just need to look at a little angle and you can see 99% of the dagger. You can never really go wrong with 10$ though.

    Thanks for the info

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    Default Re: Help with display case!

    I agree - $10 is a killer price for a lighted case. But I would try and remove
    that edging - scrape it all off with a utility blade or something so as
    to expose more of the dagger.


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