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Help needed please

Article about: Hi everyone, I just registred to this forum today, hope to find some help here in my search for any information about my grandfather. My name is Antoinette 24 years old, and live in France.

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    Default Help needed please

    Hi everyone, I just registred to this forum today, hope to find some help here in my search for any information about my grandfather.
    My name is Antoinette 24 years old, and live in France.
    I am trying to make a reconstruction of what happend during the war, and of course after the war with my grandfather.
    He was a pilot in the Luftwaffe, I only have his name.

    Some short history;
    My grandfathers name was Gerard Bos. He was married to a Dutch lady, my grandmother (+1977). They were forced to divorce by the Dutch gouverment in 1944 because they were living official in Holland, but my grandfather had taken active service in the German army.
    My grandmother was pregnant of my father when they divorced.
    After the war it was a problem in Holland to have a child from a German soldier, so my grandmother moved with my father to the Dutch Indies. Shortly after Holland lost that colony (1948) and they moved to Canada where she met a her second husband and got remarried. After some years they moved back to Holland.
    My father never met his father, altough he was told his father was a Luftwaffe pilot. The story goes he had taken part in the bombing of Rotterdam in 1940.

    Wth the arrivel of internet it became a lot easier to locate family, and I have done some research myself. I found some of my fathers family in Munchen. I spoke to the wife of the son of my grandfather. He also remarried after the war in Germany. He survived the war, and died some years ago. Ann, his sons wife did mention he always said he had a son somewhere in Holland, and he could even speak Dutch although he had never been back since the war.
    It is so sad my father never got to meet his father, and sad my grandfather never met his son, my father.
    Now my father is sorting out paperwork for his pension, and he needed some papers about the divorce in 1944 and he got them.
    It only states Gerard Bos was a pilot in the Luftwaffe, and that he was not present at the signing of the papers.
    No rank, airbase or date of birth.
    I could phone the family in Munchen back for the date of birth, but they dont seem to want to talk to much about the war.
    They did mention my father had an unckle Hans who never came back from Russia.

    My question now, and the reason for writing this on this forum is if anybody here knows what I can do to get more information like military records?
    To who should I write? I am direct family of course and have the same name.
    Next year I will visit my "new" family for the first time.
    Thanks for any help, and sorry for my English.
    Regards, Antoinette.

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    Default Re: Help needed please

    A sad story Antoinette!

    It is a shame you have no details of his Luftwaffe unit.

    I hope someone can help

    Good luck!

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: Help needed please

    Hi Antoinette , and welcome to the best forum out there, yes a sad story, but i am sure there will be someone here that can help, there are many guys here who are very adept at sourcing records from the archives that still exist, they should be able to advise you, Dave.

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