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Hitler skull 'Is that of a woman.'

Article about: I had to smile a bit at the report...After all, Hitler didn't want to give Stalin the satisfaction of putting his corpse on display...Looks like he pulled it off and has the last laugh!

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    Default Hitler skull 'Is that of a woman.'

    Hi Guys,

    Just spotted this on Yahoo! news, what do you reckon?

    'Hitler's Skull' Is A Woman's, Say DNA Tests - Yahoo! News UK

    Curious but not convinced(yet.) Ned.
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    Default Re: Hitler skull 'Is that of a woman.'

    yes it is a very interassant discovery has been made there, of course, DNA is said to be 99% sure! Maybe Eva did not syranid but shot too?! there wqas a broadcast in television for some days ago with Adolf's bodyguard and he says Eva took syranid, perhaps he conceals the truth!! and the skull is EVA
    maby Adolf and Eva is burried some secret place and the burned bodies is somone els!!


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    Default Re: Hitler skull 'Is that of a woman.'

    Wasn't Frau Goebbels shot by an SS aide, both their remains and that of their children were recovered by the Soviets. Both the adults were also cremated a la benzine.

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    Default Re: Hitler skull 'Is that of a woman.'

    I thought this was Hitler's skull:

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    Default Re: Hitler skull 'Is that of a woman.'

    In all seriousness, take a look at the book, "Inside Hitler's Bunker" by Joachim Fest. It's the book the movie The Downfall is based on (Der Untertag). It goes into great detail how both Hitler and Eva ended their lives as well as the Goebbels.

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    Default Re: Hitler skull 'Is that of a woman.'

    I agree ssismk ,i think that there is more than enough evidence that shows they are both dead and they died in the bunker the way history has deemed it to be .
    There are eye witness accounts of the details , sure a few minor asspects may differ but if one takes in all the evidence i think its proven beond dout.
    Then theres the gold teeth the Russians had , and they had dental records .
    Whether that piece of skull is hitlers or a womans it doesnt realy matter , hes dead and gone . cheers Raymond

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    Default Re: Hitler skull 'Is that of a woman.'

    I may be wrong but as DNA goes i know it can stay in the remains for many years and at times only parcial DNA can be taken owing to time ect.
    But as i understand it when remains are burned and only fragments are left these pieces are void of DNA through heat
    as all moisture inclusive of DNA is distroyed. As in the skull frag,
    of Hitler or Eva, there will be no DNA left to take.

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    Default Re: Hitler skull 'Is that of a woman.'

    I think I recall that in the documentary, it was said that some attempt had been made to contact several of Hitler's known relatives in the US and UK for DNA samples for comparison, but no requests were acknowledged or answered. I tend to have a hard time believing any claims that originated from Stalin's regime, and would view any claims that they definitively have AH's remains with suspicion at the very least.

    Stalin wanted absolute proof that Hitler was dead, and if that is what he wanted to hear, I am sure that the investigators would have probably done what ever they could to NOT tell him that they could not prove that the remains were not AH's.
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    Default Re: Hitler skull 'Is that of a woman.'

    There was a center page spread on this in the sun newspaper last week , I have a very curious mind , there are to many ifs & questions I would want to belive Hitler killed himself in the bunker , obviously he is dead now but I belive he escaped in 45 & the eyewitnesses to his supposed death have lived the lie to the very end .

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    Default Re: Hitler skull 'Is that of a woman.'

    Yes, i belive he escaped in 45 too....

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