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Hitler's Aide's Diary found in NY

Article about: Holocaust Museum gets Hitler aide's diary that was found upstate

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    Google translate for the first page

    Learn More about the Rosenberg Diary →
    View the catalog record → TRANSCRIPT [1936]
    25.4. [1936]
    On 25 I spoke for the second time in the Order Castle Crössinsee to the circuit conductors. It was a deep satisfaction for me as they went along. But even as they understood when I cleaned up with some still widespread historical perspectives. My inner hardness has taken me years of struggle and "load", but inside has been victorious in all the battles of the party.
    In the evening I sat with the then long circuit conductors together: always new questions showed the inner sympathy for the wa. Rings. The district leader from the Eifel told among other things that I knew not at all how much I would just worshiped in this "black area". Incidentally, have taken place during the following election. A 62-year-old Catholic. Priest came to him and told him: "Lord district leader, I have now become convinced that the fight against Rome must be carried out to the end. Pope will never be a German, the cardinal appointments recent times also show that the papacy is now Roman national religion, with which we can have nothing more to do. "So what I'm in the" portrayed myth "as desirable for the future had! The said pastor had in 1932 can be the occasion of a meeting of us on the marketplace such ringing his bell, that no word of the speaker was to understand.
    This story reminded me of another. An old Nazi was the principal of a Catholic. Seminary in good relations. And whenever he visited him, pulled out of the rector of the bottom drawer of his desk, from the back, the "myth".
    On 24 inaugurated the leader of the three castles of the order one and I had to find the joy that my comments on the previous day coincided exactly with his. Right at the beginning, he noted

    End first page

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    Default "...Those Nazi's were nutsies but they did have cool uniforms."

    "...The finding and return of the Rosenberg diary is one more small but significant step towards a full and complete understanding of the depraved mind set of those responsible for the mass killing of Jewish people and ethnic groups during World War II," Delaware's U.S. attorney, Charles M. Oberly III, said in a statement.

    Somehow I very much doubt it... anymore than understanding some of the inane rants in the Newsday article comments.

    "...Those Nazi's were nutsies but they did have cool uniforms."
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