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Honesty in collecting

Article about: AMTG great story and you did the right thing. That said the dealer probably made triple what he paid. I've got a good one for you. My dads best friend used to be neighbors with an old Canadi

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    He would have added his mark up!!!! At least your neighbour was loyal enought to let you buy it from him!!!

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    That is the right thing. Hopefully the dealer does not break up the group.

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    I have no idea what happened after, as I moved interstate not long after........ideally he should keep it together

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    It's always tempting, of course, to just grin and bag up the stuff and take it home, but it depends on how much of a conscience you have. Sure, you would have made a haul, but you would have deprived an elderly lady of a much needed 8 grand too. Personally, I would have picked a few of the cherries from the lot and offered her a decent price for them and let her sell the rest to the dealer. That way, everybody wins-you, the widow and the dealer as well. Oh and learn!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I think you did a good thing, although if it were me, and she was offering, I would have taken the helmet and some field gear then helped her to sell the rest.. After all, you were helping her out anyway!

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    AMTG, I applaud your integrity. I am not so sure I could be that strong in that kind of situation, to be honest. I think I would probably tell her that what she had is worth a ton of money, but I would keep insisting that I would take good care of it if I had it.

    I mean come on, a dealer only sees dollar signs, and they are just going to break up the grouping and sell it piece by piece to the highest bidders, and a museum will end up 'losing' it... surely there would be a better way to pay her back than with money. As Ralph did, you could do a service for her, or help her some other way.

    I would tell her how much it is all worth and that she has a collector's dream, but I would not hesitate if she insisted on giving it to me for free.

    (I should mention that this would only be the case if I really didn't have enough money. If I had it, I would give her exactly what it's worth.)
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    Sounds like an amazing lot ! You did the right thing tho ...

    Kind regards

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    In hindsight I suppose something could have been arranged....but shouldn't dwell on what could have been!!!

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    All good Kama mate.
    Nice darts.

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    Well Karma already seems to be working....being offered a SS relic just out of the blue was a good start!!!!!

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