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Horrible experience with Manions auctions... Still ongoing.

Article about: Hi gang! I have a story to relate to you about an experience that I am currently dealing with. I fully understand that this is something that could have been avoided with some research on my

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    sorry to revive such an old thread, but i just unknowingly bought a Japanese flag from the current owner of manions, Jody Tucker. He sells on e-bay under the name," allthingsmilitary". Here is a link:
    Signed National Flag WW2 Unresearched | eBay
    he currently has hundreds of items for sale, including a $4,750 dagger and a $3,999 Japanese sword, so maybe someone can use this to recover some of their money? I thought it was weird that the flag I purchased off e-bay came in a Manions tagged bag. It was recieved into Manions inventory Dec. 2013 and promptly sold on E-bay in Jan. 2014, which I found as odd. I did a little check and found manions owes a lot of people a lot of money!


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    Gee look at the reviews... Top 17 Complaints and Reviews about Manions International Auction House

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    Manion’s consignors ask ‘Where’s the money?
    Manion’s consignors ask ‘Where’s the money?’ | Military Trader

    "I sent to consign a WWII Knight's Cross (Zimmermann 20 #900 silver) in original case with genuine neck ribbon and loop. It was sent USPS insured with proof of delivery. They called me and told me that this Knight's Cross ($4,500 value) was a 1960s reproduction from the 60s and only worth $150. Strange, the neck ribbon was purchased from them at $250 and the loop was purchased from them for $150. I immediately told them to please send it back to me. I have also emailed Manion's and there was no response. What an easy way to steal from people. This Knight's Cross was purchased from a dealer of 40 years. I would like my personal merchandise back. This is an injustice"

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    I would hope by now most have come to the realization that Manion's is Pawel Nowak and vice versa.

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    Why would anyone even consider consigning goods with Manions? Years ago OK, but today with eBay, (all the other various militaria auction sites) the eStands of various forums, or a cheap website put together yourself.. you can reach the right people, for free, or with minimal overhead and a speedy payment. No cash = no gear, simple as.

    It`s not robbing Peter to pay Paul here, it`s gone 20, 30 people beyond Peter.

    If you have shopped with them, remember, they have your credit card details.. scary.....

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    Ouch, hope the OP got his money back!

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    Even when Ron ran the place, it was still a ridiculously expensive place to buy from. It was one of the only outfits back then that charged a huge amount just to send you their auction catalog-it was something like 20 dollars-on the Chance that they might have something in it you needed or wanted. And he was a Stickler for that 20 bucks. He wouldn't tell you if he Had something you were asking for in his upcoming book or not-just pay the money and hope for the best. Nice to see the old tradition of ramming it to their customers has continued....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Anyone know how the op went in getting back all the cash?

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    Last time that I viewed Manion's website, about a week ago, there was very little for sale. Is their awful reputation finally catching up with them?


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    Has anyone seen the "New Manions"I really don't know how this so called Auction House is still even in existence at all.Just wondering anyone owed money still after the nightmare started back several years. .Horrible stories from a once good auction house.Tucker got screwed royaly and what did he know about the one million in debt he took on as the new owner.Manion seems to got away scot free!! If you are one of those still owed money get in touch with Consumer Affairs Bureau of Kansas City.Had a problem with a scumbag auction house in Florida and after I contacted C.A.B the woman assigned to my complaint got me a full refund and my postage back.Don't let this go away without trying everything you can!

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    Bob S.I hope so.They deserve everything that can be done to them!!!

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