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Hours of War

Article about: Hi there! First of all, I would like to thank admins of this forum (Dimas) for allowing me to post a new thread. We are developing a new kind of Massively Multiplayer War Strategy game, play

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    Default New hours of war web site!


    We have a brand new website. You´ll find out that we have also new screenshots and video (more to come for sure!). Hours of War blog has found its place at our renewed site also. We added more information about the game including
    info about new scenarios. You may have noticed that we have upgraded the game graphics, and due to that and many other game tech improvements we made, we´ll have quite intense internal/external tests going on at the moment, before the beta launch.

    And as always you are more than welcome to browse our new site here:
    Hours of War :: Home


    HOW Team
    Ari Pirilä
    Lt. Col. War Game Umpire

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    Default Hours of War closed beta

    Hello fellow Hours of War fans!

    We have started the Closed Beta phase, during it we will make the game and underlying technical infrastructure ready for the Open Beta. Two weeks of closed Beta so far and things are going well. Here is a short information package related to Closed Beta:

    - All games we arrange are still Closed games, they are not open for public
    - We will have two types of games, Invitation only games and Continuously running games


    We have accepted 100 new Beta testers in the last 2 days and we’ll keep adding more:

    - We would appreciate a lot if you would invite your friends to the Closed Beta: do tell them to send an email to the address:

    with a subject: Applying to Closed Beta

    Thank you for reading this, stay tuned for more information.

    HOW Team


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    Default New version of the Hours of War game released!

    A new version of the game released now to closed beta!

    Play now and check out the new version of the Hours of War game - it's completely free.

    Some of the new things are:
    - Completely new user interface
    - Accurate casualties shown
    - Radio Normandy joint chat for both Allied and Axis players
    - Lot of bugs fixed e.g. regarding line of sight and observations

    Play Hours of War Closed Beta anytime you want to 24/7. First you need to register to:

    ...after registering, hit "Request Beta access" button - the request will be processed within one workday.


    When you have been approved to the Beta group, joining into the game could not be more simple, go to:

    Hours of War :: Play

    ...login, and choose a game from the list!

    The games are running 24/7, and restart every three hours. Don't pay attention to the starting times mentioned in the lobby, just choose a game and start to play! See you in the game!


    If you have friend who might be interested in playing in closed beta, let them know that all it takes is registering:
    Hours of War :: Home

    ...after registration, click "Request Beta access" button

    Best regards from Finland!


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    Default Open Beta launched - everyone able to play for free!

    Hello gentlemen, I was on holiday for a bit - I am glad to announce that the Open Beta of Hours of War been launched! Game is running 24/7, and all registered users are able to play for free.

    If you haven't registered yet, you can do it here:

    If you already have an account, login ( ), click "Join Game" on your profile page, and play.


    To celebrate this milestone, we will give away 3 Premium Open Beta accounts for best/most interesting War stories from the game, all you need to do is to play some games, and tell about the events/outcome in this forum thread:

    Hours of War • View topic - Share your war stories and get free Premum upgrade

    With Premium account, you get to:
    - Choose side (Allied or Axis), and unit (eg. Armor)
    - See your player history (wins etc.)
    - And quite soon have access to new scenarios

    (Premium account: Hours of War :: Products )

    What is Hours of War?

    Hours of War is a turn/tick based World War II strategy game, playable on browser. Right now we have multiplayer scenarios with 38 and 62 player positions, and are working on both small and much larger scenarios.
    Open Beta will continue until we launch the final "Live" version early 2010.


    Hope to see you in the game!

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