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How did you find this Forum?

Article about: I was looking for a first class iron cross. That was back in 2011, Doesn't feel that long ago. Thanks for putting up with my posts for so long . I have learned a lot these past few years and

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    Default Re: How did you find this Forum?

    I was researching, something and the first google results lead me to this forum and stayed ever since.

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    Default Re: How did you find this Forum?

    Quote by edelweiss123 View Post
    I started looking at this site a while before i became a member. I used it to find information/clarification on items that i was buying my partner (spitace41) for birthdays, Christmas's etc..... He loved the forum so i thought it was a reliable source to get information and it was! To cut down the story, i soon caught the collector's bug, so i became a member, started buying presents for myself (i guess i've neglected james a bit) and haven't looked back since. Thank you
    Don't I know it lol! Like most other people, I found my way here by trying to research items online. More or less every time I did an initial search for an item on google images at least one link led me here. I became impressed by the battlefield archaeology section initially and joined up.

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    Default Re: How did you find this Forum?

    Good question, I cant actually remember why I arrived here but I know when I did arrive I felt right at home with people that liked the same items and were down to earth, so I signed up and stayed. As some of you guys have said, I basically spend most of my time on here now!

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    Default Re: How did you find this Forum?

    I think I found this forum by just looking at different German awards on Google and most of the pictures sent me here, I am glad I found this forum it is great

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    Default Re: How did you find this Forum?

    A friend that collects military items told me to check this site. Glad I did it
    From what I've red it's a lot better than others (also I've learned many things and got good advice from forum members)
    Thank you all

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    Default Re: How did you find this Forum?

    I too ran across this forum searching for information on some of my German collection.
    This is the only forum I am on now. I feel very lucky to have so many people from all over the world that I can call my friends here. With so much knowledge I feel I can get honest Guidance on the items I may be looking at purchasing or just searching for information. I have learned so much from all of you here. We all seem to Specialize in our collecting and knowledge.
    Thankyou for letting me be a part of this forum family.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Default Re: How did you find this Forum?

    I was looking up a pair of Panzer collars ( HG ) but SS style , fakes ! And really liked what I saw here . Poked around for awhile , joined , forgot my pass word , rejoined and loved it hear ever since . I considered joining WAF before I found this site , but I'm very glad I didn't . Not only did I learn about my collection , but also was forced to use a computer against my will ! I'm still terrible , but you forced me to learn how to post pics , cut and paste , type etc . Thank you all for everything . You are a great bunch of people that make collecting less of a lonely business .
    Cheers Chris

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    Default Re: How did you find this Forum?

    I was researching some British bayonets and google brought me here. After looking around a bit, and seeing that people treated each other as actual friends, and were helping, as opposed to mocking and ganging up on them for trying to learn as I'd found on a few other sites, I thought I'd give it a go and see what I could learn, which has been quite a lot. Thanks everyone!

    47th MP Co/47th Inf Div 1983-1988
    583rd Ord Co 59th Ord Bde Muenster, W Germany
    Looking for P37 ammo pouch with No4 bayo frog

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    Default Re: How did you find this Forum?

    By accident, searching the web for world war two remains and relics.
    And warrelics was a google hit, for about a week i looked at the threads, like crazy. I absolutely loved the forum, so decided to join.
    Been here ever since, being my only posting forum.
    Its the best out there.

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    Default Re: How did you find this Forum?

    Well after seeing all the billboards and t.v commercials I decided to sign up.....oh wait thats geico lol I think I was searching for relic lids and stumbled upon a link to here, and thank god I did!

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