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How do you clean your uniforms?

Article about: And btw don't forget guys that repellents are never enough. You need to keep your war rooms clean from dust etc Use a good vacuum cleaner and mob around to have the floor clean.

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    Default How do you clean your uniforms?

    I've always wondered the proper way to treat uniforms.

    Usually I machine wash cotton based uniform, and dry clean wool based uniforms, and it seems to work alright. If its cheap/wearable, then the machine is usually the way to go, but if its rarer or expensive, I usually leave it alone all together.

    But what do you do? All dry clean? Hand wash? Or do you leave it as you found it? Let me know what your method is!

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    Default Re: How do you clean your uniforms?

    All the uniforms I have, a mix of WWI and WWII US uniforms, I keep the way I got them. I don't clean anything.

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    Default Re: How do you clean your uniforms?

    I leave them as is. I dont want to take any chance on damaging the uniform.

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    Default Re: How do you clean your uniforms?

    Leave things as they are.

    Why clean them?

    I certainly wouldn't entertain the notion of putting anything through a washing machine cycle.

    The dirt and patina is part of the history of the garment, if you want clean uniforms, don't buy dirty ones!

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    Default Re: How do you clean your uniforms?

    i don't even clean my own suits.

    this is because, no matter who you take them to and how careful it is done, believe me... it changes the garment.

    i can tell immediately if a suit has been cleaned just by looking at it while talking to the person wearing it.

    so something like this i just wouldn't clean. no way.

    leave them as they come to you.

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    Default Re: How do you clean your uniforms?

    I agree with all the above comments. Just make sure there are no moths residing in it or something and leave as is

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    Default Re: How do you clean your uniforms?

    If the uniforms are in good condition i usually don't do anything. But if they are dirty, or stink i only soak them in water and leave them to dry outside on a hanger so that they don't loose the shape. You will be surprised how dirty is the water coming off the uniform.
    I prefer collectible items to be left as is, but i want also to know that they will be preserved. Uniforms are made of cloth and that needs to breath. If it's full of dirt and dust the cloth will eventually be destroyed.
    So for me just some water is enough. Washing detergents are not a good choice as they can damage the fabric and/or the insignia. Plus they make the items glow under UV black light.
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    Default Re: How do you clean your uniforms?

    I wipe all cloth items with damp cloth and air dry it. I spray some febreeze/lysol if they smell.
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    Default Re: How do you clean your uniforms?

    Do anyone put moth balls in the pockets of the uniforms just IN CASE one of those pesky bugs gets in there?

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    Default Re: How do you clean your uniforms?

    I like the stink of history.. Don't wash.
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