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How to get rid of Ghosts?

Article about: Sorry that I found this blog a little late.I bought a suitcase that contained some WW 2 items from a estate sale last spring.Inside I found 6 gold teeth.While looking through the suitcase I

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    The only ghost story's I have are NOT militaria related but had to do with a building; an old church in wich I had an antique shop and lived in.
    I never had anything similar hapening with the items I had, and I even had a mummy and a sarcophagus in the house....!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    I have just read some of these replies in disbelief.

    Using a mobile phone app to 'detect' ghosts ? ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?????

    Seriously, you guys need to consider these things in a little more depth. Of course 90% of what is 'recorded' is nonsense because that is exactly what it is. Just because 10% matches what you are looking for still means the app is wrong 90% of the time, even IF, and this is a MONSTER IF........the app 'detects' ghosts and noises. This is using the exact same methods all the psychics and people who contact your long lost relatives use....cold reading. Put 500 people in front of someone they believe is a psychic and when they say 'Does the name Sarah mean anything to anybody', OF COURSE there will be someone there ! Why do they never get contacted by people with unusual names ?

    It's all nonsense and there to get you to part with your cash.

    Steve T

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    how do you get rid of ghost stay away from the spirits you keep in the cupboard that should do the trick

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    we do ghost busting 500.00 per well slep\etight

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    Theres a member on here if I remember clearly, who wrote a book on this subject exactly. Militaria items that had attatched spirits. Hopefully he chimes in. As an open-minded skeptic myself, I must admit I find much entertainment watching that "the haunted" show on tv and such. Some of the reality programs are junk, but also one has to keep an open mind on the subject. Steve said "dont u think we would have known by now if there were ghosts" or sumthin along those lines......but just think....we have no clue what happens to us when we pass away. Science cannot even prove what happens, so for people to completey dismiss the possibility could be a mistake IMO. But I also agree with Steve too, that most of the time these things can be brought into a rational perspective or explanation. Most of the physcics out there are definitely just after your cash, but there must be some1 who can contact the other side. Who wants to think that we just die and see black forever!!?? NOBODY! thats another reason why this is such a controversial subject too....because it gives people hope that there is soemthing after life. But if there were really spirits, then they probly would "hang around" militaria artifacts that were part of there personal demise.

    p.s. From what Ive seen on shows, you are supposed to IGNORE the spirits because they supposedly "feed" off any attention or energies

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    I lived and worked in a funeral home for four years while in college. It was strange because they had saved the wooden crates soldiers bodies had been shipped back home in, for WWI, WWII, and Vietnam, with their info stenciled on the ends. My apartment was 20 feet from where the bodies were stored, embalmed, and prepared for burial. We stored 5 to 10 bodies at a time. I didn't experienced ANY unusual occurrences, not one. If anyone was going to experience "ghosts" wouldn't a funeral home be the place! It just seems to me, that after 1460 nights and days of living there, one restless soul would have tried to contact me. It never happened. Oh well, great thread, enjoyed it thoroughly. P.S. Panzer, trust me, we don't just die and see black forever, there ultimately is a far brighter place, and I'll leave it at that!

    Take care,

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    I remember reading about collectors who said when they had certain SS items in their house there was a bad karma\atmosphere in the house.
    They got rid of the items/item and everything went back t normal in the house.

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    quit smoking,inhaling and/or imbibing,,,that should stop your hallucinations....

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    Quote by militarymania View Post
    quit smoking,inhaling and/or imbibing,,,that should stop your hallucinations....
    take it a bit more serius, you can read about it on the net a lot, there are more things around we dont know, and just that you do not belive in something gives you not the right to tell someone he is mad or on drugs. i think this is not the fine art, and unfair against the guy who started the thread

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    i have stayed in the most hauntd house in England twice ! things happend there what we couldnt explain, one guy who went with us scoffed at it, until the next morning when he admitted the things what happened couldnt be explained ????? from going bitter cold within seconds of footsteps coming into our room watches stopping and coming back on without loosing time (on digital display) white lights appearing streaking across a pitch black room and a door knocker going so loud you couldnt do it without touching it, also sat on a plastic garden garden recliner and it started shaking while we sat in it, that did freak me out and two guys who sat in it after me, also after i bolted the door of this building (3 bolts in all ) we heard shuffeling in the porch not long after i bolted the door, i opened the inside door quickly and took a pic, to my and all the other guys surprize all the bolts where undone and the door was open!!!!!! explain that one away?? when the photo was developed there was a big white streak across the pic the place is called chingle hall in goosnar Preston,
    worth a visit if still letting people stay.
    cheers Ronnie

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