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How to get rid of Ghosts?

Article about: Sorry that I found this blog a little late.I bought a suitcase that contained some WW 2 items from a estate sale last spring.Inside I found 6 gold teeth.While looking through the suitcase I

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    What a fun thread.
    I lived on a disused ww2 air field for 23 years and worked as a game keeper on that air field for 6 years so have spent many night's in some of the most haunted area's of the base and i have never seen or felt anything and believe me iv been looking!! I cant think of anything better than seeing a yank in full flying gear getting ready for the off.
    However lots of people from the village wont go up there at night this includes our old local policeman who was walking his german shepherd one night back in the 70s and could clearly hear american voices and smell cigarette smoke. Intreaged to see what was going on he started off toward the voices but the dog was haveing none of it and nearly killed itself on the choke chain trying to get away.
    Bob has told me this story many times and there are people in the village who remember him stoping at the pub on his way back.
    I dont get it myself but my mind is open.

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    That's an interesting theory noelh. Maybe a person's memory recall could be transfixed in the present to explain some paranormal events. Also, as you stated, it would seem that the death camps would be inundated with paranormal activity, which does not seem to be the case. Panzer, have faith brother!


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    I have heard a theory that places such as Auschwitz, or places where there was mass suffering and death are rarely haunted, rather they have a negative energy, that captures the collective suffering, and rather than having individual hauntings, all that pain and suffering that occured, in the mass killings is captured as a whole. When so many people die suddenly, their individual energy is absorbed as a whole and transformed into a collective negagtive energy. Am I making any sense here???

    I have heard of mediums and such who state they have never seen a ghost at thses places, but the collective energy almost knocks them off their feet when they enter such places.

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    Being of mixed races and ancient beliefs I feel that I have a unique perspective about this subject. Long held beliefs that when esposed sometimes bring humans to disbelief and sometimes to war. All cultures have their own thoughts on this particular subject. The western world to a large extent believes that a man walked on water, fed multitudes of people with a couple of fish and a couple of loaves of bread, brought a dead man back to life, etc. Was executed, buried and then came back to life, spoke to some people and floated off to heaven.
    What is that saying used by many ? The Father, the son and the holy ghost.
    That is one perspective Im have been exposed to. Another Tsalagi ( Cherokee ) is that all things have a spirit. Human, animal , inanimate, etc. A culture I am familiar with and am part of have a fire that through oral history has been burning for at least 3000 years. It is in an isolated part of eastern Oklahoma in what is the Ozark mountain range that stretches over from Arkansas. Deep in a very large cave that today is guarded by the faithful by means that I cannot say. It is believed that if this fire is allowed to burn out or is put out the world will end by a means that I cannot say either. Just that all life will end.
    Another belief that has no factual proof but is sincerely adhered to. A part of the Native belief is that all things have a spirit. It is wise to respect those individual spirits. I do not intend to go into great depths of the ways things are done but I can tell you that different things used by different Native folks:
    tobacco smoke
    cedar tree fir smoke
    plains sweet grass smoke
    are used to bless all spirits and individual spirits , people, dwellings etc. when needed.
    Ghosts!!?? Who can really say? A spirit?, a shape changer? A figmant of the imagination. Whatever your beliefs they can change or they stay the same.

    Sunale?i ( tomorrow )

    Notin Okwa Noxse ( Dances with ghosts )

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    Any more stories chaps as its halloween?

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    about 6 years ago i worked on a house in Wavertree, Liverpool, it was an empty house which belonged to a large housing trust who i used to subcontract for. The house was empty due to the guy who was an alcohlic and passed away, my job was to renew the kitchen , bathroom and revamp the rest of the house.
    The house was shuttered in steel doors and window covers to stop vandals ect, so it was almost impossable to get in without a key or ripping one of the shutters off, i started on the job and removed all of the draws from the kitchen units removed all of the bathroom suite and a few other bits.
    I had placed all the draws from the kitchen units on top of the sink unit ready for the skip the next day, the next morning i returned to the job unlocked the steel shutter unloccked the kitchen door to find ALL! the draws had been replaced and all the lights had been switched on from the main fuse board,
    we had 100% turned off all electricity and put the draws on the sink, also one of the contract managers was stood on the hall landing talking to me and suddenly lurched backwards and fell against the wall, he turned rather pale and then said to me somethng has just pushed him against the wall, on the same house footsteps were heard walking in the front bedroom while we were working downstairs, we ran up the stairs to find nothing, a few other strange things happened like tools we were using turned up in other rooms where no one was working, we spoke to the neighbours and they informed us that there were always noises of a night and day and thought it was kids fooling around in there some of the things happened that regular that even the housing managers called a priest in to bless the house before the would rent it off again, this is avery true story beleive me even the three guys who worked with me still talk about that house and the staff in the housing office talk about it, i wonder if it happened when the alcoholic guy used to come in drunk and never realised all the goings on or could it have been him himself, .............happy haloween,Ronnie

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    I woke up one November 1st with a ladies head nestled on my shoulder and chest not really knowing who she was. I gently woke her and as she looked up I said I know we had a wild time last night after the Halloween party darlin but you should take that scary mask off honey she gave me an odd look and said "I am not wearing any mask." Oh! Uh . Does it take long to brush that tooth? Actually mam what I would really like to know does this trailor have a back door.

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    Okay, ive read everthing here and ive been debating whether to relate the two incidents that directly affected me and members of my family, the first involved my mum , during the war when dad was away she used to work at the Thermos factory that was under the east stand of the spurs football ground, she used to take my sister, who was a baby at the time, with her to work. One day the sirens went off and they started to make their way to an air raid shelter that was in Park Lane , about a hundred yards away, before my mum got there, a german plane flew low along the length of the road and was straffing.A policeman who was trying to get people under cover saw my mum and some others who were still trying to get to the shelter, he ran out towards them and just as he did a bomb hit the middle of the road just behind him, it blew mum off her feet who was still about 50yds away,and showered her with stone chips as well as my sister cutting their faces and legs. The policeman wasnt so lucky, he was killed and his head ended up in the doorway of a nearby shop, my mum had to run past it to get down the shelter, throughout the remainder of the war many people saw this policeman in the middle of the road about the same time as he died, my mum included, after the war the local vicar was called to conduct an open air service in the road because of the many sightings, he was never reported being seen again. The second incident happened during the war at my school Tottenham Grammar School, 7 Boys were playing on the sports field adjacent to the school when a doodlebug hit, all seven were killed and a memorial plaque was placed on the spot, many years later i went to the school and heard of the story but never took any notice until one day when we all getting changed to go out on the field.We had to take the rugby posts out from the store and as we walked along the quadrangle one of the kids said who are they, looking ahead we saw a group of boys with long shorts and rugby shirts on, they were as plain as day and standing in the middle of the field, we didnt really take any notice, but a moment later they were gone and there was absolutely no place that they could have moved to in the seconds that were involved. We told our sports teacher an ex SAS man who later told the head. The next morning in assembly the head brought up the sighting and stated that it was nothing to be worried about and that these boys had been seen many times over the years and sometimes in the gym, i never saw them again but i do know what i saw that day and it never did worry me, in fact i used to sit by their memorial and read, it was a restful place, but you always had that feeling you wasnt truly alone.

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    Ref the theory regarding the accumulated negative energy that could be emanating from places such as death camps etc, this i believe could have some basis in fact, ask anyone who has been to Belsen and im sure they will tell you of the oppressive atmosphere the second you walk through the gates, plus the legend of animals that wont go near the place, ie birds , you wont see any nor hear them, and animals wont walk through the area. I stayed there for nearly 6 hrs and never saw one bird flying near or over the place, i didnt believe it at first so i made a point of deliberately looking , i became convinced at the end of the day as well as the other 45 people i was with. To corroborate all this, and just by chance, i spoke with an old man who turned out to be jewish , he was visiting the memorial there, and i asked him about this so called legend, to my surprise he said the birds didnt fly then nor now, hed been a prisoner at belsen, i didnt have the heart to ask him any more as i could see he was thinking to himself plus i became slightly emotional, so i remain a believer in something being there, what , i couldnt say but until someone proves to me that there is no such thing, i will remain so

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    ok as it is halloween.
    When I met my actual wife she lived in a adjacent space (converted into a appartement)to a old jesuits church( Jezuietenkerk Lier )that was no longer in use for celebrations. Just like you have churches in the UK that got converted to restaurants, hotels and so on. I even saw a church been converted in to a disco in Holland...
    Thise particular church didn't had a predestination yet at that time (I even had my antique shop in it at a time, and parked my bike in it when visiting my to- be wife)
    So thise church in the middle of a old town center, had a office space and 2 appartements , one at the front and one at the back.
    My girl friends appartment was on the 1 st floor at the front, left to the church and above the office space, only used during the day.
    I am not a "believer" and when my girl friend started telling ghost story's of things happening in her appartement, I couldn't help laughing.
    Untill it started to happen to me too.
    One of the first nights I stayed with here, was when I had to start early the next morning , we had a good time a the pub , and I went home alone....
    when laying in the bed (alone!!) things started (and I wasn't drunk!!)...havy feet coming up , slowly, on the wooden stairs, and writing on the wall's!!!
    I didn't close a eyes until my girl friend got home.
    The only thing I did, meanwhile, was calculating the time I needed to get to the window and to jump down (I was 28 at the time!!) from that 1 st floor appartement, that way I would end up in the street and know I would be safe there.
    I didn't mention it when she got home, and appart from the writing on the wall there was'nt anything more.But apparently she didn' t notice it and I was not going to tell here!
    We got to sleep and I left early the morning after, the writing dissapeared when I left.
    So several weeks later we where sitting in a restaurant and I mentioned the incident...we never spoke about it in all the weeks before, is then that I realy got afraid....
    I even get goosebumps when writing it now!!!!
    ...the guy climbing the stairs with his heavy boots wasn't that spectacular, has she heared him before, BUT when it came to the writing.... girlfriend told me exactly what was writen on the wall; BEFORE i EVEN TOLD HERE...she told me where it was, how it was, even the color, the language and what it sayed. I can assure you THAT was scarry!!
    Untill now I have always lived in houses that where over 100 years old, but I never experienced anything like the things I saw and feld in that old church.
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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