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How to get rid of Ghosts?

Article about: Sorry that I found this blog a little late.I bought a suitcase that contained some WW 2 items from a estate sale last spring.Inside I found 6 gold teeth.While looking through the suitcase I

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    There is an old WW2 airfield not far from where I live. My wifes' parents live in the nearby village and at night sometimes they can here Merlin engines in the wind!

    Ghost Stations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    If there were such things as ghosts we would all know. Too many tragic deaths throughout time. But was at Gettysburg Battlefield, a very somber place. Up on Little Round Top during a thunderstorm. Could here the cannon firing that day, perhaps it was just the thunder.....

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    Some off you guys seem to miss the point. You have got to have an open mind. Some people watch too many American " A Haunting" and the British programme "most Haunted".All BS. I'm not talking about a white sheet with two holes for the eyes. I am talking about getting a vibe of something. Most mediums get this when they hold an item of a dead relative. If you were to bulldoze Aushwitz Concentration camp and build a new housing estate on it you would get the vibe that the place has a atmosphere about it. Why is it when you sit in a church you get that feeling off peace? explain that. Spirits do not harm you, only the living do. When you hold certain pieces of militaria you feel that buzz going through you....and please don't say you don't know what I mean. These items in our collections have a history. I don't believe in seeing ghosts. It that was the case the amount of pissed of people who have died and want to spook there former ememies would be doing so. Explain why you know when someone is watching you before you see them? the vibe!!!!



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    I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one...IMHO, The feeling is only in the imagination. Most Mediums are not what they seem, just want to make money. I do not get a feeling of peace in a church, though sometimes just want to go to sleep there. The only feelings one will get is if one has knowleges of an event associated with an item or place. There are several Hanging trees nearby and only those that know of the history will get a vibe, to everyone else its just a tree in the park. Will say this though, I support Newcastle Utd, a football team in the EPL. The stadium was built on a witches gallows and graveyard. That might explain why the Toon has not won the league since 1927. And its been heartache and misery ever since....

    Again this is just my opinion.
    kind regards

    Howay the Lads !

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    No Tim, you are wrong. You have to have an open mind. Some mediums are charlatans but some are pretty close to the mark. You have got to be in the right mind to accept these things. You have probably met new people in your life and picked up a vibe that you don't like....negative energy whilst others you get a positive vibe from. Take a pub and put all the worlds most nortorious criminals in it like Ian Brady and the likes. Are you trying to say you would get on great with these people and want to know them? I would sence the evil. There is a difference between mad and bad. So a place were something bad has happened leaves behind a negative energy that you pick up. I use a church as an example. I am not religious but a church has a feeling of peace but you won't know that as you will be sleeping. As for your can't blame the witches on their lack of luck and ability to play football you must accept they are not that good.



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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    You talk about sensing evil, that is true, i have sat opposite a man who killed two people, cut their bodies up and burnt them in his household grate, you could feel the evil in the room, now im not the twitchy type at all, in fact qiute the opposite , i have arrested rapists , arsonists and murderers and in all that time this one man was the only one that i felt uneasy with, to look at him you would think nothing could be evil about him yet looking into his eyes was like looking at two black marbles and they were souless, no emotion at all, and i wasnt the only one who felt this, nearly everyone who came into contact with him felt uneasy and even his prison warders were loathe to go into his cell, and his solicitor asked to be removed from the case, hes still serving life and i doubt if he will ever be set free, so yes the negative vibes were working overtime with that one

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    Your most welcome Mike

    Not sure how you can say i am wrong, we just disagree on this topic, thats all. Perhaps i am not in the right mind as you are. Have to agree to disagree then again, no problem. I pick up vibes from a person from their known actions, not some premonition.

    Do agree there is a difference from getting vibes from a person as apposed to a place or item.

    Agree with Dave, that some will give away their ill-intent by their look of the eye or false smile etc. If you were in a room with a murderer for example it would be that you can tell something is not right by the way they interact with you, not just a feeling before you arrive in their presence if you did not know them, just like out in the Hood.
    Most Mediums just want money from some innocent person.

    As far as sleeping in a church, this was a joke. When i was in the Marines the only time to yourself was in the church on Sundays, but you are so tired from the weeks activitys, its just very easy to fall asleep in this quiet enviroment. Later, had the pleasure to work in the Stanford University Church and it is one of the most beautiful in the world. Peaceful yes, but from its reputation only in the minds on men.

    And as far as the Toon is concerned, was also a joke, they play exciting offensive football unlike many others teams. Would rather lose a match 4-3 than win 1-nil. WE have been in the FA Final more than 12 times, many more than most teams can claim. Have won six Finals. But You sound like a ManU supporter LOL. kidding again, unless you are one.....Newcastle Forever !

    When you walk across a battlefield only those that know there was a battle there will pick up vibes, to the others its just a park with trees. This has been my experience.

    Have enjoyed talkin with you, but we will never agree on this, so we must agree to disagree.

    Lets here some more ghost stories...
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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    Quote by 381st digger View Post
    What a fun thread.
    I lived on a disused ww2 air field for 23 years and worked as a game keeper on that air field for 6 years so have spent many night's in some of the most haunted area's of the base and i have never seen or felt anything and believe me iv been looking!! I cant think of anything better than seeing a yank in full flying gear getting ready for the off.
    However lots of people from the village wont go up there at night this includes our old local policeman who was walking his german shepherd one night back in the 70s and could clearly hear american voices and smell cigarette smoke. Intreaged to see what was going on he started off toward the voices but the dog was haveing none of it and nearly killed itself on the choke chain trying to get away.
    Bob has told me this story many times and there are people in the village who remember him stoping at the pub on his way back.
    I dont get it myself but my mind is open.
    Years ago I worked as a night time security guard at was the former RAF station, Swinderby.
    Every 3 hrs I had to patrol the area with my german shepherd dog and to prove the patrol had been done I had to visit certain places where a key box had been hidden away, put my key in, give it a turn, then move on to the next box location.

    Although I never saw or heard anything particularly strange there were two places that just didn't feel right. One being the old mortuary building, the other the Sgt's mess. At both places I literally had to drag the dog with me in order to reach the key box. There was something definately not right. Other people had similar experiences and eventually we got the 2 boxes moved to different, less spooky locations!

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    Quote by Tim OKeefe View Post
    If there were such things as ghosts we would all know. Too many tragic deaths throughout time. But was at Gettysburg Battlefield, a very somber place. Up on Little Round Top during a thunderstorm. Could here the cannon firing that day, perhaps it was just the thunder.....
    If there were such things as UFO's we would all be told too no doubt! There was a guy a few years ago who owned a museum in Germany. There was a fragment of bomb which no matter where it was left it would allways leave a 'burn' mark. It was examined and nobody in the scientific world could find any answer. The 'experts' put it down to a confirmed case of what is known as 'residual haunting' where either a particular item or place relives a certain event. Intriguing to say the least and there are many strange things in this world we have no understanding or explanation for. The sceptics will always strive to find a rational explanation but clearly there are unique cases where an explanation cannot be found. I just find it all fascinating and maybe some day we will know the truth behind the 'unknown' objects like the one flying at Mach 10!!!! that a US Airforce fighter pilot in an F15 attempted to intercept a few years ago and was dancing all over the USAF radar screens at impossible angles-was it alien or human? The fighter pilot was sure that an object moving the way it was was 'intelligently' directed as he put it.

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    Default Re: How to get rid of Ghosts?

    Hello Guys,

    We are beginning to see the point in this but we now need to link it together to get the point I am trying to make.

    Davejb,my father was in CID for 25 years. You seem like a hardened officer with a lot of experience. Have you walked into a crime scene and "Get the vibe" that something really bad has happened here? Think about this! have any off you met someone and noticed something did not ring true about he or she while everybody else thinks they are brilliant? only later to discover they were up to no good and your suspicions were proved right? My point! some people have the mind set to get this vibe before other people do. That guy you are talking about with the marble eyes, some people will meet him and think he is ok. What do you think of this dave? I have a friend for 10 years. Stayed in my house with my family and I went out drinking with him and meals with his girlfriend and my wife. Could not meet a nicer guy. He went down to London to visit his father. Went out and drank two bottles of wine. On his way home an 18 year old walking home aparently brushed into him. He then put his bags down beat the guy up and threw him in front of a bus. Unprovoked and the guy was half his age. It was my mates first offence. He says he was in a bad mood and he thought the guy brushed past him....all caught on CCTV camera. He was given a four year sentence for a first offence.He is not evil. The young guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time and my friend had drank too much and had something on his mind. He was done with GBH with intent and the police said they welcomed the sentence. If you were to meet this guy you would would thing he was really decent.

    I watch these programes on Sky tv, most evil, and its a guy that interviews men in jail who have commited horrendous crimes. Look at Fred and Rose west. Supposing you lived in their house as a lodger before the crimes came out. You must be able to get some vibes of that house and the two of them.

    Think about jobs you men have worked in....have you ever had a vibe that management were upto something then days later people are moved or payed off? I am trying to link this to certain items in my collection. If you have a wound badge that was kept in an ex soldiers box in Germany then no vibe. I was given an Iron Cross 1st Class and a silver wound badge that came of a tank driver in Africa. The old guy told me his mate took the Tank battle badge and his wristwatch and he took those two badges. Only certain items carry this vibe. These is an old road in the country I drive down at night and I always get the feeling i'm being watched. I later found out it was the road they transported the dead people from the black death along via horse and cart.

    I don't know if you Tim have ever been involved in any conflict,or anyone else, and you have had a bad feeling about they whole thing prior to it. Do you see the point i'm trying to make? you hold certain items in your collection and wish it could talk. I do believe that the human mind can pick up negative and positive vibes but you have to have the right mind set to recieve them.

    What says you guys? Do you think this is all BS? I will not take offence.



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