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How to get rid of Ghosts?

Article about: Sorry that I found this blog a little late.I bought a suitcase that contained some WW 2 items from a estate sale last spring.Inside I found 6 gold teeth.While looking through the suitcase I

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    Sorry that I found this blog a little late.I bought a suitcase that contained some WW 2 items from a estate sale last spring.Inside I found 6 gold teeth.While looking through the suitcase I found paperwork that identified the WW 2 as a sailor on a USCG supply ship.The CGuardsman kept a record of where he had traveled, Guadacanal,etc.Figured that he traded w/the Marines.The first night my dog would not enter the kitchen where the teeth are located and she shivered,hair standing up etc and would not leave the back bathroom (unusual for her).My wife and I heard unusual noises coming from the kitchen.Next day those teeth went into the garage and on Monday I sold the damn things!

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    Alternatively... if one were to believe that a bad spirit might come with a relic... is it also possible that a good spirit could come with a relic? Find the right relic and start hitting lotto numbers, missing red lights and watching your income rise?

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    How true!I ended up making about $400 off of the items in the suitcase so maybe they the ghosts of fortunes past?

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    Very interesting thread. Just don't know who to believe and who not.
    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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    Guys, this is a serious thread on a serious subject. Judging some of the replies I feel people think this is a joke. I do not believe in god but I do believe in the spirit world. You do get a feeling handling some of these items, be it good or bad. The believers know what I mean. Its the same feeling you get when you meet people in the living world. Some people give you a good or bad feeling when you meet them. You also get that feeling when you visit some places. With the human mind some people are better than others at picking things up. I get the most vibes when I handle my ground dug items.

    What says you guys? the Americans are right into all this stuff...Most Haunted,A Haunting ect on TV.

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    very interesting thread

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    No one seems to understand the point i'm trying to make and reading some of the replies I wonder why some of you collect these items or if you do at all. You see an item advertised on a dealers site or at a fair...whatever. You buy it and wait patiently for it to arrive. When it does and you un-wrap it you spent ages studying it and holding it in your hands. What are you thinking? do you just throw it into your collection? I don't. You hold it, study it and wonder were it has been and what story it tells. Why do you like looking at it and holding it? A true collector does these things. Whatever militaria people collect we like the romance and the history/story behind it. Don't you guys look at some items and wish they could talk? In your mind you imagine were that piece has been but sometimes you can feel the history of it and can't explain it.

    This is a serious forum for the serious collector and reading most of the replies it seems the serious collectors are singing from the same hymm sheet as myself. The only type of collector who would not understand is the collector over 35 who lives with his mum and collection comprises off a black wound badge and a day badge. Type off guy that goes round the fairs with 50p in his pocket and handles every item on a dealers table with no intention of buying then just walks off, goes home and watches "a bridge too far" for the 1000th know the type....dealers definately know the type.
    I get a buzz everytime I walk into my collectors room and view my treasure trove. The same buzz a wine collector gets tasting a fine wine.
    When I am talking about ghosts I am not talking about "Scream 2" I mean the feeling you get holding such an item, you have to know what I mean.


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    I have time so I'll share 3 odd experiences while metal detecting Korean war battlefields and you guys can
    take from it what you like.

    First, Battle of Chipyongni, I was searching near French positions in an open rice field in late Autumn. Oddly
    I could've sworn I heard the whiperings of an elderly Korean couple, man and woman, and I heard something to
    the effect (I understand some Korean), "What is he doing?", the other, "I don't know..." And that was it. And
    looking around, I didn't see a single person.

    Second, around that same time and place I was searching some U.S. fighting positions where there is at least
    one known MIA in that area. This time I was simply walking the ridgeline with foxholes still recognizable when I stepped
    off the trail. When I did, it was like I broke through the ice of a frozen lake when I was completely overwhelmed by
    a mixture of strong emotions like fear, anger, pain, despair, etc. I can't even completely explain how powerful they were.
    I paniced a bit and took two large quick steps out of that "hole" and I was back to normal. Only I kept walking, didn't
    look back or want to know what that was all about.

    third, I had just got home from a long day of digging, I was tired so I went to bed. About middle of the night I had two
    unused alarm clocks, one was lying face down on bookshelf near the head of my bed and another smaller one was in a desk
    drawer at the foot of my bed. The one in the drawer suddenly went off. Annoyed I woke up and turned the alarm switch off
    wondering why it was on in the first place. Went back to bed when the alarm clock on the bookshelf went off. Now a bit nervous
    I took the battery out of it and went back to bed and fell asleep. About an hour or two later the small one went off again and
    this time I made sure to take the battery out of that one. I was still a bit nervous and got the sense some..."youth" was almost
    teasing me or wanting giving me a hard time. Anyways, I still went back to sleep.

    Anywho, hope you liked the stories! Have a good one!

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    Brilliant story Dan! You must of been real spooked! I have heard of people having similar experiences walking in the Scottish Highlands, not battle related but i,ve heard people talk about silmilar things like the feeling of "Being Watched" and some would put it down to a deer watching them. I know one hill walker who walked 10 miles to a hill Loch with his telescopic fishing rod. When he started fishing the wind started blowing and he is sure he heard something. Surounded by hills he is sure he was being watched and felt the hairs on his neck stand up. He got a bad feeling about the place, packed his rod and got out of there!

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    Ha! T.B., only that "sinking" feeling spooked me well. The rest I felt...."That's was cool. Weird, but cool."
    To be honest, I have one other "ghost story" but it has more to do with Custer's calvarymen in the U.S., but it's pretty
    lengthy...I'll share that story if other posters are interested.

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