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How would you describe our hobby and what the best bits are

Article about: by Woolgar The financial drain is the worst Nick That is why collectors drink.

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    The joyous pursuit of what is ultimately a worthless endeavor.
    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    Hi, A very interesting question and one which I was asked in a round about sort of way by a young and pretty stupid reporter from our local rag. I was "showing" visor caps and swords at the local museum as part of a militaria weakend when the person decided to interview me. Haviing answered several general questions he said and I quote, " why do you collect all this R________sh". After looking him straight in the face for a few seconds, I said "as a collector of militaria or anything else of a historical nature, you are not realy an owner but more of a temporary custodian". Response, "What do you mean?" Well young man without collectors you would not have collections. Are you with me so far? Without collections you have no physical connection with history and no artifacts to pass down to our successors or to display in museums etc. Without museums you have no history and without history you have no past. So without a past how can you look forward to the future? Books tell you stories but artifacts have been there and done it!! That young man is why I collect this R___sh and of course, I enjoy it!! The are very few people left alive from the War of Independence or Civil War or even WW1 who you can talk to so thankfully we have the next best things, the writen word and collections of artifacts. Most of my ramblings went over his head!!

    Later that week I read his article and his quotes were invaiably incorrect or out of context!! His hobby was kicking a pig's bladder full of air and wrapped in leather around a field - very historical!!
    Cheers Michael R

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