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Hurricane Sandy

Article about: Good luck to you East Coast guys-this one looks like a Bad 'un, for sure. It's going to be worse than the '38 hurricane that actually blew railroad trains off their tracks. They're even tell

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    Well around Southeast Pennsylvania it's been pouring buckets for the last 5 hours along with VERY strong winds and the worst is yet to come.

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    NEW YORK (AP) — A construction crane atop a $1.5 billion luxury high-rise in midtown Manhattan collapsed in high winds Monday and dangled precariously as a huge storm bore down on the city.
    Residents in surrounding buildings were ordered to move to lower floors and the streets below were cleared, but there were no immediate reports of injuries.

    This is one of many things to come for the surrounding cities and high rises. Eventually that crane will come down to the ground.
    Those who were warned to get out of Atlantic city are now own their own as all rescue efforts have ceased as the storm has made land fall.
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    In the eye of the storm - or should I say just about 100 miles north or so - live 45 minutes from Atlantic city and a friend of mine a NJ Highway patrol officer called and stated that for all puposes AC is gone - did see pictures of the boardwalk blown into the back lands and in a couple hours high tide anticipating 15 - 20 ft waves to hit the shore & AC is flooded aready.
    Wishing Larry and all others in the path all the Luck - dont know how long I will still have Electricity but the winds are blowing up to 80 mph in this area.

    "He who hesitates is lost - is not only lost but miles from the next exit"

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    fingers crossed stay safe people

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    I'm on duty at the college I work at... Ready to respond to anything that happens between 5pm tonight and 5pm tomorrow. I've been told to expect the worst between 3pm today and dawn tomorrow. We are expecting 2inches of rain and sustained winds of 30mph with gusts up to 70mph. The college is right on the Hudson River and I've been told that the waters could rise up to 3ft above flood level.

    The college was closed today and will continue to be closed until noon tomorrow... possibly longer if things get worse.

    Right now, we have had rain and lots of wind. Nothing really else to report..

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    Good luck to all you boys and everyone down south. I hope it diminishes quickly
    and does not do too much damage. We've had plenty of rain and wind
    up here in southern and southwestern Ontario for the last three days
    - Sandy's far reaching effects.........


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    Good luck to all in it's path..
    I pray that if the worst happens Obama is more organised than G W Bush was with Katrina.
    My thoughts are with you all.
    All the best

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    Default Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Its been raining the past 48 hours here some power outages, small flash floods and high winds but nothing to severe. I would not mind if my classes were canceled but it never happens in 4 feet of snow with outages and ice so I doubt it will now.

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    Just found out that in my area the winds are supposed to top at 90mph max. So we are gonna pray that the 30ft pine tree right in front of our house doesn't fall, but only time will tell.

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    Quote by Thanatos View Post
    I pray that if the worst happens Obama is more organised than G W Bush was with Katrina.

    Don't count on it, unless there is a major photo op!

    Top of a tree just took down my neighbors power lines and missed my truck by 15 or 20 feet. Wind gust are well north of 60 mph.

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