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Hurricane Sandy

Article about: Good luck to you East Coast guys-this one looks like a Bad 'un, for sure. It's going to be worse than the '38 hurricane that actually blew railroad trains off their tracks. They're even tell

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    Default Hurricane Sandy

    This hurricane is expected to make landfall by 5pm as it has taken a left turn and coming inward. It has already [picked up speed and velocity as the area here now has some flooding downed trees and power outages. As the rain soaks the ground the wind will do the rest and push the trees over.
    (Myself) along with (Moderator Horst),,members (SA Dolch,) (Kyle Bullets) ( Tom Wittmann ) and quite few others from the WRF are in the direct path of this storm in New jersey. This storm will affect the whole eastern seaboard and swing up into Canada via the state of Pennsylvania.
    Normally hurricanes lose power as it hits land but since there is a system coming in from the west,, it is sucking it inward creating a vacumm effect not seen since 1903. I will keep everyone updated as power allows. Thoughts and prayers are needed. I will post photos most likely afterwards as of right now it is impossible to walk around outside with right now 40 mph winds. These winds are nothing but enough to pull down old trees. Trees have already fallen on cars and cut power to some areas. 2 State govenors have already declared a state of emergency. The So. Jersey shore points have waist high flooding as of now at this time of 3pm US. This storm is expected to punch at 90mph winds and is deemed a category 1 hurricane,, and has not even hit the coast but the beginnings of it are already felt now. I will keep the forum updated...or anyone who lives in this area please also post updates. Best regards Larry
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    Default Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Please be careful guys. Here are A direct broadcast on youtube. If mods dont want to have this here- then remove this post.
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    Default Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Lots of luck Larry,hope you make it through OK.........Pete.

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    Default Re: Hurricane Sandy

    G'day Larry, as someone who has experienced many cyclones, I know what it is like. Stay indoors away from windows and hope for the best, good luck fellas.

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    Default Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Good luck to all our members who are likely to be affected by this storm.

    Get your militaria to high ground but more importantly make sure you get yourselves and your families secure first. Look after each other and stay safe.

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    Default Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Stay safe gents, good luck.

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    Default Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Take care guys looks bad from over here am sure its a lot worse there stay safe

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    Default Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Good luck to you down there! Starting to get hit by Sandy up here as well

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    Default Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Good Luck lads and look after yourself,s.


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    Default Re: Hurricane Sandy

    Stay safe guys.
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