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I am so pissed!

Article about: Sometimes families are the most difficult people to deal with. Someone should be have a very quiet and not entirely diplomatic word with those who are responsible for the child. She should b

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    Thank you all for your replys!
    We could sit here and chat about it for hours but; let's not do so!
    The main thing is that my son is doing fine now, he met a nice girl who is keeping him out of trouble, they adopted a young Border Collie that needs theyre full attention.
    They just came to visit us, and everything is fine! My son is even getting a belly; what might be a good sign...not that big as his father, of course!! ;-)
    But all those signs seems like he is doing good!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    This is what happens when people get addicted to something. They disregard everything and everyone else in their lives, and focus entirely on the high. Maybe the situation should be handled as such. If I were a close friend of his, I might seriously consider giving him an intervention reminiscient of the ones used on people with drug addictions.

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    hi kris,been there done that got the t shirt and made the film,know just what you mean.chin up.

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    Many great words of wisdom here, Kris. Not much for me to add, so I will add you as all of your family, especially that little girl, to my prayers. Children are the most innocent of all in these situations, but they can see what is happening and they are the most helpless of victims. Best of luck to you Kris and many prayers your way.

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    A hot rodder I once knew was so addicted to his hobby that he would rather spend money on chrome plating than buy new shoes for his kids. At hot rod meets you knew which urchins were his alright ... the ones running around with bare feet in winter!!!! Sadly selfishness exists all over ...... but when kids are affected then that's the pits!

    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Hey Kris, I too have been down similar roads. Your son must be in his late
    teens or early 20's - they must experience all these things for themselves.
    Glad to hear his new girlfriend is having a positive influence on him.

    As for the self-centered flaunter - who may just be an arsonist, I'd keep
    as far away from him as possible, at the same time making sure that
    the child is being cared for properly. Some of these rats use children
    or their situation as leverage, like: ''I/We can barely afford to feed
    her....'' asking for loans of money that will only go to feed
    their own habits and addictions that never get repaid.

    I can feel your frustration. As said, keep your chin up.........!


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