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I am so pissed!

Article about: Sometimes families are the most difficult people to deal with. Someone should be have a very quiet and not entirely diplomatic word with those who are responsible for the child. She should b

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    Default I am so pissed!

    Sorry to bring in my personal problems on thise forum, but i need to leave a reaction on the "net" so i choose my favourite forum!
    I don't want to react on the forum he is on, as I don't want to spoil the good ambience on that forum (not my intention of disturbing it on thise one either !!! )
    As you guy's know i am pretty active on different fora on the net, not only regarding militaria, but mainly!
    I am not saying I am the model guy( absolutely not!), but thise makes me outrageous!!!
    A guy I know very well (as he is family!!) flaunt with his exclusive collection when still in debt (for a lot of money!!)with a other branche of the family!
    Not my problem you would say, as it is "the" other branche ....right, but there is so much more that it becomes bothersome!
    The guy is a drunk who lived for years on welfare support,"trying" to raise the daughter of one of his son's who left the little one to live a live of a junk and dealer in the city!
    Two years ago we invited some relatives to a restaurant on the anniversary of my son, and they had that little girl (4 or 5 years old at that time) with them because of some kind of troubles (one can imagine!) with the guy I am writing about.
    That poor little thing at more then we could imagine, the small portions the coock prepared for here seemed to small, she was hungry as a wolf!!
    It was moving to see! The relatives who where in charge at that time were kind of embarrassed! The child was a rather closed character but started to talk about the lack of food at grand ma's place (the guy's wife!) ....I also have to mention to restaurant was one of the best of my wife's home town!!
    Hise house recently burned down and they asked through face book for financial and material support to anyone,my wife give them food without me knowing!
    And now he is again showing off with his collection, that didn't seemed to have been affected by the fire....???
    I am not jealous about that collection, but it is a ethical problem i have here. >If thise was happening to me (and i hope it would never happen, also hoping it would never happen to anyone!!) and my colllection was safe, then i would sell my collection if in need for money for a fresh start!! I think every one here agrees with me on that one!!!!

    The son who was dealing, recently moved in again with his parents in the old house (the oneth at burned!), maybe it was his weed (or what ever!) plantation system he had; that set fire to the house....
    Again not my problem as it wasn't that, the guy's son sold his rubbish to my son......
    I recently had a major problem with my son in result of that addiction !!!
    Sorry I made you guy's read thise rubbish, I would have prefdered talking you about some relics!

    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Default Re: I am so pissed!

    Kris, sometimes it's better to use something like this forum to vent your frustration with people that, while you know, you don't know intimately. I understand your frustration mate and I can well see why you would be pissed off. Good luck with everything mate.

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    Default Re: I am so pissed!

    That ***** Kris!! I pray this guy wakes up and takes some responsibility for his life and that of his childrens.No wonder your p****d mate,would be impossible not to be. Leon

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    Default Re: I am so pissed!

    Sounds like a lot of crap that he is not taking responsibility for. The family should always be more important than any collection IMO


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: I am so pissed!

    Hi Kris, not a problem with you posting this. We are a band of brothers here.

    I can understand your anger and frustration. He needs to grow up and quick.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: I am so pissed!

    Sounds like one of the most selfish people i've heard of, if i can't get a job in the next few months my collection will be up for sale as much as i treasure them.
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Default Re: I am so pissed!

    You should give that guy a good kick in the F*****G butt. What a selfish person.

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    Default Re: I am so pissed!

    Being a teenager and hearing this just enrages me. I wouldn't care if I had Hermann Goring's WW1 uniform, I would get off my a** and sell everything and start providing for my family.

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    Default Re: I am so pissed!

    he sounds completely irresponsible and strange how his collection could survive a fire ,my daughter comes first and foremost and i would always do the right thing by her ,regards james

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    Default Re: I am so pissed!

    I agree with you, this fellow appears to be totally irresponsible. I suggest you sit down and have a talk with him. Maybe there is more to this than you think. Maybe he needs a little direction in his life.
    If you let it bother you too much without doing anything about it, it may affect YOUR health.
    I wish you luck!
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