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I think you need to see this!!

Article about: i don't see much money there maybe 300 to 400

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    Default I think you need to see this!!

    He is accepting offers, its with 300.000 buy now!!!
    WW2 U s German Collection Army Navy Maps Letters Patches Badges Bayonet Flags | eBay
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    Loads of stuff, but asking price seems a 'little' bit optimistic.....

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    Well you never know, it is worth a try.

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    Seems a bit high but just a tad.

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    Some nice stuff but $300,000??? Might be worth emailing and asking if he meant $300.

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    When I originally viewed this listing and its price I thought, “What am I missing here?” I then realized they were simply fishing for offers and while it’s not a method that I would employ, it has garnered (to date) four offers.

    So who knows it may just do exactly what they were shooting for and get a higher price than a regular auction, or for that matter a more realistic buy it now’s price would have gained. Either case it’s absurdly overpriced, yet it’s an effective means to get folks to notice their auction. It must have worked because we are all discussing it;-)



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    It would not surprise me in the very least that someone lacking in knowledge what make an offer or even pay that price. ...which is very possible on ebay with some of the junk being sold for hundreds of dollars and worth nothing. We have all cringed at what is being sold as authentic...and its the crafty fisherman that wins.
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    Bengal Lancer.

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    They're having a giraffe!....
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    [QUOTE=helmetone;1068675]Some nice stuff but $300,000??? Might be worth emailing and asking if he meant $300. Where did he ever come up with $300k??Maybe some guy was in his ear who doesn't know his elbow from his you know what!That is absurd to say the least.

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