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I will be offline

Article about: That's great news Ade. I hope all goe's well mate. All the best. Dave

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    hope she gets better soon, regards to you both


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    Dear Ade,

    Your family is in my thoughts...

    I wish your wife a speedy recovery. I wish you all the strength to help her get through this tough time.

    Please let me know if I can do absolutely anything to help. I'm sure all of the members here would move mountains for you and your wife.

    Joe T

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Hi Guys, a lot of you send me PM's and emails.

    I will be unable to answer these as normal as my wife Lez ("Larissa" here on the forum) has had a heart attack in the early hours of this morning. As some of you know, only last week we lost her Dad.

    She is in hosptial and doing well after having a stent fitted.

    Any forum problems please contact Dimas, Richie, Paul or Adrian or Gary.

    Cheers, Ade.

    sorry to hear that Ade hope she gets better soon wishing you & your wife all the best & a quick recovery

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    Get better soon Lez,and wishes for a Happy New Year to you both....Pete

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    ouch, +1 to all the above...

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    Hi Guys, thanks for all your messages of support. We both really appreciate them. I have kept them all for Lez to read to once she is home.

    I have been running around like crazy as you can imagine, keeping friends and family informed etc. I kept myself busy yesterday doing all the housework!

    The op to fit the stent went fine and the doctors are pleased with her progress. She looks good just a little blood shot in her eyes, and is naturally very sore and bruised, mainly from the various blood taking injections. She is sitting up in the chair and walking a few steps to her bathroom. Eating OK too. She is still hooked up to the heart monitor of course.

    She has a really nice private room with own TV and bathroom. She is in the new Royal Derby Hospital.

    With luck she could even be home by Weds. Thanks again to everyone.

    Her Dad's funeral is a week today.

    Cheers, Ade
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    SO good to hear!!!

    Sorry to hear about funeral though.

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    Great news!

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    At last some good news for you!! I've been thinking of you both these last couple of days and hoping all went well, so this is really great to hear.

    But at the same time it is very sad time too, I wish you both my condolences regarding the death of Lez's dad and hope that next week all goes as well as it can in such circumstances. Give the old fella a good send off as I'm sure he would of appreciated it and both of you take care.

    Kindest Regards, Ned.
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    I hope your wife will get well soon.

    Best regards from Russia



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