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Iconic images of WW2

Article about: The look on the Frenchmans face, the poor bugger just looks so distraught, it really must have been a terrible feeling for these people to go through. A bloke of that age was probably a sold

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    First: Another image of the A bomb, Monday, August 6, 1945, a mushroom cloud billows into the sky about one hour after an atomic bomb was dropped by American B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay, detonating above Hiroshima, Japan. Nearly 80,000 have been killed

    Second: Ryukyu capital, a Marine rifleman views the result of the American bombardment of Naha, Okinawa, Japan, on June 13, 1945

    Third: Tanks of the Sixth Marine Division probe the outskirts of Naha, capital city of Okinawa, Japan, on May 27, 1945

    Forth: This aerial photograph made on day five of the invasion shows the immense power needed to break the back of Japanese Resistance on Iwo Jima, on March 17, 1945

    Fifth: With his hands in the air, the first of 20 Japanese emerges from a cave on Iwo Jima, on April 5, 1945. The group had been hiding for several days.

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    Normandy 1944
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    Battle for Berlin 1945
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    Here's some good shots from Finland's army in 1939-1945. Mostly from 1941-1944 period.

    1. Soviet POWs happy to surrender to Finns

    2. Finnish special forces!

    3. Ripping the red star from the town hall - Propably Petrozavodsk (Petroskoi)

    5. There's always time for fishing!

    5. Finnish flag planted in Lapland to mark the end of Lapland War and Finland's peace

    6. Motorcycle soldier propably in the ruins of Rovaniemi (Lapland War)

    7. German soldiers having some spare time

    8. Shaking hands with Lenin - Propably Petrozavodsk

    7. Propably Sortavala reconquered - Note the Soviet prisoner playing accordion in the middle - Happy to surrender

    9. Germans left a sign for advancing Finnish troops in Lapland - Als dank für nicht bewiesen Waffenbrüderschaft! (Lapland War)

    11. Finnish StuG receiving ammo supply

    12. The one and only beer
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    More Finnish photos:

    1. The Finn has Hungarian Stahlhelm (note the hanging piece on the rear skirt)

    2. Just wow..

    3. A Finn wondering somewhere in 1941-1944 - Propably not a deserter due to being photographed and carrying his rifle

    4. A Finnish child killed by ''brave'' Soviet partisans - They killed tens of childrens and raped the girls before killing them

    5. A Soviet T-34-85 blasted to pieces in Tali-Ihantala

    6. A picture not fit for newspaper due to uniform being set against military regulations - Buttons open and such

    7. A Finnish T-26? Advancing towards Petrozavodsk 1941-1942
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    First is the picture of a dead man carried in a "cart" ...Families used to leave their dead relatives in the streets so they can keep their papers that gave permission to the people to get food at the common meal so they can eat an extra dish...Then municipality paid people to go and get them in the cemetery but the dead remained anonymous 1neb3a.jpg

    Second Is the picture of the first execution in Crete 340439-NaziSquad.GIF

    Here we see people trying to find food at the dumpsters (idk if this is the right word) during the German occupation hqdefault.jpg

    and finally a very sad picture of a young kid holding his dish full of a soup that had (water-beans) he also holds the papers that gave him permission to take his daily dish κατάλογος1.jpg

    this pictures are very sad :/

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    More Finnish footage

    1. Fist of Lagus (Ruben Lagus, Finnish Tank General)

    2. Finns advancing past destroyed German car - Artillery damage

    3. Finnish officers on captured KV-1

    4. Fallen German SS-Nord soldier in Lapland - Propably Lapland War

    5. Finns in Karelia - 1941

    6. Finns advancing in Karelia - 1941

    7. Finnish and German brothers in arms - Most likely in Lapland

    8. Old border reached - Moving beyond it to Soviet Karelia - 1941

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    More Finnish footage:

    1. Checking phone lines - Karelian Isthmus

    2. Germans and Finns in Lapland

    3. Komsolet captured by Finns

    4. Finnish soldier and SS-Nord soldier in back

    5. Finns ready to block Soviet attack in Siiranmäki - 1944

    6. To the front - Propably Karelia

    7. Finn with Panzerfaust - Note the cool markings in the Stahlhelm

    8. Mortar team firing

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