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Iconic images of WW2

Article about: The look on the Frenchmans face, the poor bugger just looks so distraught, it really must have been a terrible feeling for these people to go through. A bloke of that age was probably a sold

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    More Finnish footage:

    1. Finnish cavalry advancing in Karelia

    2. Finnish SS-volunteers

    3. Victims of Soviet partisan attack on a small Finnish village - Lokka

    4. ''Finsk soldat''

    5. Finnish troops propably retreating - Ravansaari - 1944?

    6. Finnish troops advancing - 1941

    7. ''The more the merrier!''

    8. NCO

    9. Finnish troops celebrating capturing of Sortavala, the capital of Karelia - 1941
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    The last of the footage:

    1. Machinegun horse!

    2. Swamps are always fun!

    3. Recapture of Vyborg - 1941

    4. First cigarette after peace - 1944

    5. StuG gunner Leppänen
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    I do not know If you would consider this image iconic but none the less it is one of my favorite's

    Regards Mark K
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