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Im making a replica Panzer 2 C turret NEED HELP

Article about: Hey guys, well im making a panzer 2 c turret and I need hel with blueprints diagrams, measurments and anything that will be useful to me. All, and any help is appreciated. Ive dont a bit of

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    Quote by bboywizard View Post
    If you build this,i want one!!
    That is beyond excellent!!!
    This tank now tops the list of things, that I didnt know existed, but now cant possibly live without!!!
    Thanks for posting the link. I want a scale tank.......badly.

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    Im going to france this year guys, and when im there I hope to visit the tiger tank at Vimoutiers. If you guys want measurments Ill be more than glad to get e.

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    You can find the dimensions of most tanks online.

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    Lebus, is there anyway that you could get measurements of that turret, or is it behind glass? I fyou could that would be an amazing head-start for me.

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    Suprisinly, Im having rather quite a difficult time with that Morris? What did you search up to find these measurements?

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    Just in regards to you getting measurement at Vimoutiers, you can find the measurements online .

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    Here is the body of the tiger and I will try to get the turret ones as well.
    6.316 m (20 ft 8.7 in)
    8.45 m (27 ft 9 in) (gun forward)
    3.70 m (12 ft 2 in)
    3.0 m (9 ft 10 in)

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    And here is the rest if anyone is interested.

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    The turrret is not behind a glass, but there are guards. I have my card and I'm Friend of this Museum, So I can ask them...
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    That would be awesome, it would help so much. Was that turret off of a panzer 2 or off of a panzerturm?

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    Would it be best if i would make a scaled down version about 2/5 scale, before I make the 1/1?

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