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Inside Hitler's Bunker by William Vandivert

Article about: Simply framed and highly symbolic, what a truly brilliant piece of photojournalism! image.jpg Taken July 1945 inside Hitler's bunker by US photographer William Vandivert, the first Western p

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    As I see there are also other SS relics we sell and buy today for a lot of money - look at the jerry cans. At least 2 of them are SS-marked:-).

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    Some good photos there. A friend of mine has just returned from Berlin and visited the site of the bunker, he said one of the local residents became pretty irate shouting from her apartment window that there was nothing to see and to go away, i suppose she was fed up of the tourists but if you live on a historic site you'd better get used to it!....
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    and where they found them



    it's a joke.jpg

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    Interesting thread. Nice pics

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    I too visited the site in 2011 and it was very interesting to see, yet a pain to find. Some local said something in German and I replied in English, then he just turned around and walked away. Sad memory from there, since I found a nestling next to a bush at the parking lot, so he probably had fallen from a tree. We had to get going, so I took a bottle cap and poured something to drink for him, since it was a hot summer day. He drank it all quite fast.

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    Is the last picture where is opened grave some kind of joke? As far I remember the official version is that the bodies were burnt. And now we see what - after several weeks the sceletons of Ewa and Adolf look like they were buried at least 200 years ago:-)

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    In 1988 the East Germans demolished the roof of the bunker...took them 6 months to do it.
    The other bunker discovered in the early '90s was the Fahrerbunker/Driver's Bunker...That's where Kempka got the gasoline to burn Hitler and Eva's bodies...It's the one with the SS wall-murals. That bunker was not destroyed but it is now sealed up and not open to the public...
    cheers, Glenn

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