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I've Seen It All Now, Hitler Ice Cream!!!

Article about: Ice cream cone named after Adolf Hitler in India sparks anger in Germany | Daily Mail Online Stop me and buy one or you will be posted to the Russian front!....

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    please excuse my bad english.

    Here is a small excerpt from a German newspaper report on the subject ....

    Maybe it explains this ......

    I did this with a translator translated and hope it fits.

    Part of the Newspaper:

    Hitler ist in Indien beliebt

    Eine Werbeaktion dieser Art wäre in westlichen Ländern undenkbar. Was jedoch wissenswert ist: Nicht alle Menschen auf der Welt sind über die Verbrechen der Nazi-Diktatur unter Adolf Hitler aufgeklärt.

    So gilt Hitler in Indien sogar als Lifestyle-Marke berichten die "Deutschen Wirtschafts Nachrichten". Das hat vor allem mit dem Ruf des Diktators im Land zu tun. In der Schule lernen die Kinder, dass Hitler die britische Führung schwächte und die ehemaligen Kolonialherren durch ihn gezwungen waren, das Land zu verlassen. Von den Gräueltaten des Diktators erfahren die Schüler dort eher weniger.


    Hitler is popular in India

    A promotion of this kind would be unthinkable in Western countries. However, what is worth knowing: Not all people in the world are aware of the crimes of the Nazi dictatorship under Adolf Hitler.

    So Hitler applicable in India even as a lifestyle brand report the "German Economic News". This has mainly to do with the reputation of the dictator in the country. In school, children learn that Hitler weakened the British leadership and the former colonial masters were forced him to leave the country. Of the atrocities of the dictator, the students learn there rather less.

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    That shows us that a good educaton is the headstone of a free world.

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    I'm not going to get offended by an ice cream label, sorry. Such a stupid idea and so ridiculous looking that it's funny, imo... not surprised it came out of India, where coincidentally Mein Kampf is a reigning bestseller.


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    intresting country that india.

    I can not say much else.

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    Well, the swastika is a religious symbol amongst Hindus so that, along with the anti-colonialism aspect perhaps explains the fondness.

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    pretty much sums it up
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