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Joke thread

Article about: Lol Ryan

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    Here's another to add to your postcard collection
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    why do the french grow trees on the champs elysee[hope thats right] the germans can march in the shade.

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    A young man sits outside his home and does nothing when an old man walks by.
    The old man says : when I was in your age I did travel to Paris with my friends and we went to a bar, drank Champagne for free , pissed on the bartender , f*cked all the women and then we smashed the place.
    The young man shines up and says : Thanks old man that is something IŽll have to try also!

    Two weeks later the old man walks past the same building and their sits the young man with bandages all over his head and a crutch in his left arm. And the old man asked him: What the h*ll have happened to you? The young boy: I did what you said but I only came to the pissing part when the security guards came and
    beat me up really bad so I ended up at the hospital and the jail. How the h*ll did you manage to get away with that when you where young???!
    The old man: I was in the SS.....

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    Exclamation SS Bra's ... "Real of Fake" ?

    SS Bra's ... "Real Or Fake" ??

    Osprey are starting to run out of ideas me thinks !!

    Gary J.
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