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Just lost a good friend

Article about: Hi Kris My deepest sympathys as Dogs are Unique in their own way. A great friend for sure. The have a keen sense of their surroundings and happenings that have not taken place. Your dog knew

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    Hi Kris My deepest sympathys as Dogs are Unique in their own way. A great friend for sure. The have a keen sense of their surroundings and happenings that have not taken place. Your dog knew his time. Although we dont know the movements and thoughts exactly of loved ones,, it is reassuring that your dog was at home when this happened and now he is at an eternal home. Kris you and your family have been a blessing in his life as he was yours. Sincere regards Larry
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    Kris, sorry for your loss.

    We let animals into our lives and homes and they become a part of us. We mourn them as we mourn family and friends.


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    Sorry for your loss. My little friend has only one year and I can't think about the moment to feel what you're feeling now. It's amazing how they become part of the family and are able to be at our side every moment. True friends that never disappoint us. As ever just time can cure the pain of loss. And the good memories remains forever. Very sad...

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    Very sad, sorry for your loss. A woman I work with had to have her Golden Retriever of 14 years put down today - she was heart broken.

    I know it is probably too soon to say this, but as silly as it sounds, at times like this I reflect on a Dr Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel ) quote:

    “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”, ....because you were fortunate enough to share part of your life with such a loyal and loving friend and companion.
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    My sincerest condolences Kris. I admit to getting choked up when I read how he went off in the rain to pass away, knowing that his time had come. Dogs are very special animals, and when they depart this life I know the deep feeling of loss. I am sure that you gave you dog a wonderful life. Please hold onto the good memories.

    Best regards,
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    I'm so sorry, Kris. What a great looking dog. I have three and I know it's hard. Hang in there.


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    Kris, Im truly sorry for your loss. To some of us, like me, our Dogs are as close to us as I feel for you. Just know how lucky you were to have the time you did with him! Keep your head up

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    So sorry to hear of your loss Kris.
    Take some time to grieve, then consider getting another. It will ease the pain you are feeling.
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    Sorry to hear about your loss Kris, I have 3 dogs myself & Im dreading the day!!!! But on the other hand just try to think of all the good/funny times you had together...Im sure there was plenty of them...Remember that you gave him a good life too....Sorry again Terry.

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    Thanks a lot for all your soothing messages!
    The more you love the harder it is when losing a loved one!
    I noticed several other members have 3 dogs, he was also the leader op the pack of 3.
    When looking at my other two dogs I feel like something is wrong....and want to stand up and see in the garden if I didn't forgot to let one in.....
    I know Adrian, you recently went to this as well!Srry if thise brings up the memory again!!
    Also to all others who lost a dog they can't forget.
    I still have difficulty's talking about a other dog I lost nearly 10 years ago. He was the same as thise one, ....but different......
    We used to breed Rhodesian Ridgeback in family enviroment, but stopped. It feld like playing God at one time, and when money get's involved... We just didn't feel good by it, so we stopped.
    Leaving us alfa bitch, who was born with us, and wanna-be- alfa bitch, a doughter of the dog we just lost and alfa bitch.
    Strange how they don't seem to miss him, although they do feel the grief my wife and I have.
    To trondk, I want to say that the day we got thise dog, my wife and I said that thise dog didn't get a fair chance as he would never be able to stand up to the dog we just lost before he came...but that problem never did came up. They all are so great and different in theyre own ways!
    Dog's and especially RR,always had a great part in my life.
    I once made it in front page news when a dog of ours feld into the Schelde ( a river in Antwerp more or less to compare with the Thames in London (salty water and tides with strong streams)) and they had to send boats to rescue us, as I couldn't manage to come out of the water after I got my dog back . High quay wall , with ladder rungs only going to 11 m. when the water is at 13 m.!!!
    Always tought it would give me a stronger bound with that dog, but it seemed to be the dog we had the less bound with. She was runned over by a vehicle when breaking out in chase of a fox. I heard it happening...

    I am glad I was home today, I saw him fadding away! I knew something was wrong and watched over him the whole day long. Not much I could do. When he went under that three, I stayed with him talking to him. Nothing could help him, not water, no food....
    I just stayed with him untill he stopped breathing... Glad I could do that, it would have been worse when getting home and missing him...

    It is good to be able to write about it.. I spend nearly 2 hours on thise post.
    Another though day to come; I might need Ade, as I know he is good in digging trenches....
    Thanks agains gang!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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