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Just lost a good friend

Article about: Hi Kris My deepest sympathys as Dogs are Unique in their own way. A great friend for sure. The have a keen sense of their surroundings and happenings that have not taken place. Your dog knew

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    Default Just lost a good friend

    It's good to know I can share thise on the forum!
    Cause I can't bring out a word and are crying my eyes out..
    He would have become 9 coming wednesday....
    He was British.
    He went out at the very end of the garden, in the poring rain, under a tree die...

    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Sad. My dogs are 8 and 10.

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    Sorry to hear that Kris. I've been there several times and it never gets any easier.

    He knew it was time and it sounds like it was peaceful so be happy he wasn't in any pain.

    Remember the good times and the fun you had with him.

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    Sorry to hear of your loss but as has been said,remember the good times and keep those memories and remember him that way.

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    Default Re: Just lost a good friend

    Sorry to hear that Kris.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: Just lost a good friend

    Losing a loved pet is hard!.....
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Default Re: Just lost a good friend

    Very sorry for your loss Kris, the bond with a good dog is so strong sometimes

    I'd bet he knew how much you cared for him.

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    Default Re: Just lost a good friend

    It's amazing how these friends of ours who can't speak to us can have such an affect on our lives. They never will know just how truly loved and missed they are. The memories will make you smile and help you through this time. It's never easy.

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    Default Re: Just lost a good friend

    Sorry for your loss Kris. I am 24 and my dog is 7 he is a big part of my life, when you are together that long they become part of the family. Cheers, Robert

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    Default Re: Just lost a good friend

    Kris I know what you are going through, 9yrs old is'nt any age really , we had a dog that was very similar to yours and the same age, we lost him to a very nasty illness that was hard to see, a year later we lost our other dog of 17yrs, it makes no sense, its heartbreaking but memories will help they did with us, i could accept our older dog dying because he had a long and great life, it was harder with the younger one although he also had a great time with us, but time is a great healer and fortunately we had the chance to save another dog from cruelty and she has given the family a great deal of loyalty and love, you will also find another friend in time and can begin to think of your loss with affection rather than sadness

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