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Last of the "Great Escapers" dies

Article about: Jack Harrison has died aged 97 Jack Harrison, last of the Great Escapers dies, aged 97 - News, People - The Independent RIP

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    Default Last of the "Great Escapers" dies

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: Last of the "Great Escapers" dies

    That is too sad.One of the best war movie ever.

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    Default Re: Last of the "Great Escapers" dies

    That really is a great story. Thanks for posting the article. It seems that in Britain, the papers do a pretty good job of covering your old veterans. I don't know what kind of circulation the Independent has, but here in the States, unless it's a small local paper, they don't cover anything about old veterans. It's really a shame.


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    Default Re: Last of the "Great Escapers" dies

    Hi nick,
    i saw tha in the paper the other day it is a shame they have to go
    but he now deserves his rest, He,s done his bit i think.
    Can you imagine them all together now, all those stories they have to talk about, Very sad another hero gone but not forgotten.
    thanks dave.

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    Default Re: Last of the "Great Escapers" dies

    R.i.p....i wish i live so long like him

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    Default Re: Last of the "Great Escapers" dies

    It is a shame when heroic men die and nothing is said about them in newspapers and other media. Thank goodness for those who do inform us of such EVENTS
    My dentist,Dr. Robert Dernick,'s Father was part of that and slated to go but did not make it out of the tunnel to freedom. I suppose, just as well, since he lived to father,Bob, his son. I do not know if he was an EM or officer.
    The whole story was great, the men, even greater. Bless them all!

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