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Last Post, no longer a Member Camp X

Article about: Well I now understand I crossed the lines, warning people about trubles with Paypal and Ebay..the thread has been locked for what ever reason...well I guess this is my last post, and it look

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    Quote by James C View Post
    is it possible to close a can of worms
    Very difficult to get the squirming little buggers back in it seems.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Quote by Jerry B View Post
    Perhaps time to close this thread.

    LOL, just kidding.
    Why not?

    Three pages of goodbyes or 'please don't leave'? What a waste of forum space!

    No-one is obliged to stay here and if a member wishes to leave then all they have to do is not come here. There is no point in keeping this open any longer, it is blown out of all proportion and is bordering on ridiculous.

    The original thread was rightly closed because it is just a rehash of many others in a similar vein and I see no reason why someone would get bent out of shape because it was closed. Many threads get closed and it is nothing personal, if someone wants to think it is then it's up to them but again, no-one is forced to stay.

    I hope the aggrieved member can step back and take a look in the cold light of day and realise this is an over the top reaction to an ordinary moderating decision and can re-think any thoughts of leaving.

    Until then, this one doesn't need to stay open any longer and further posts will have no bearing on any outcome and it is turning into a soap opera so please go back to discussing militaria.

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    If you do not like the rules here, there are other places to go.


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