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At last - The set is COMPLETE !!

Article about: Hi all Before I started collecting WW2 relics over 15 years ago now, I used to just collect WW2 books. I could regularly be found in charity shops, library sales and church fetes, hunting th

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    Thanks everyone

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    I bought a load of those at Chatham a few months ago.

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    Very nice I think I'm short on two Thank you kindly for the reference list
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    I might have one or two of these floating around somewhere. Congrats on the full set Steve.

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    Well done on finalising the set Steve, it's always a good feeling when you can complete a set.


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    Harryamb - You weren't there back on 13th & 14th April were you?

    reneblacky - I have the two books, (Blitzkrieg 1940, The German Home Front), on top of your almost complete set, and the one to the left, (Images of war)

    Thanks everyone It is a great set and immensely satisfying to have completed it

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    Seriously Thanks again!!! from your list I've discovered I'm short of these

    Bombers over Japan (World War II) by Keith Wheeler
    The fall of Japan (World War II) by Keith Wheeler
    The Aftermath: Asia (World War II) by Time-Life Books

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    No problem rene Glad to be of help

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    possible but cannot remember,will be there the 8th sept.

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