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A lesson in reinventing

Article about: Q: what do the 3 items below have in common?????? A: They were ALL made by the same company!!!! The firm of Rudolf Wächtler & Lange ( maker '100' ) made EK1's ( as well as many other TR

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    Deutsche Donau-Schiffahrtsgesellschaf - GmbH

    They used to transport freight up and down the Danube. One of their contracts was with the SS and they transported Jews to concentration and death camps. Today they are a river cruise company, who's passengers today no doubt enjoy the luxuries of river cruising (like food and water) far more than the passengers of 75 years ago who were held under armed guard then typically were gassed or worked to death shortly after their cruise ended.

    Evidence of the company nazifying and their political allegiances is with their corporate flag from the era which I really should have kept.

    To my knowledge nobody from their board of directors was charged with crimes against humanity for accepting the traffic of human cargo. But today you can cruise guilt free with them.

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    Ford-Werke was responsible for producing parts for V-2 rockets. While technically the company was never nationalized, in reality it was well under the influence and control of Nazi Government. It is doubtful if its US Head Office was aware of the production of said materials.



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    IBM supplied Nazi Government with its perforated data cards technology and hardware. Their 'love affair' was not stopped with the start of the war and only came to a stop when the US joined the war effort. According to Edwin Black, author of 'IBM & Holocaust' the technology supplied by IBM was used to count and 'catalog' citizens of the Reich as well as inmates in various concentration camps.



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    And a relative newcomer to the 'Working with Nazis' club, at least in its official capacity as their love story was largely and comfortably unknown until very recently. The one and only- Dr.Oetker.
    Mr. Oetker went a step further than most accepting his honor membership in the SS, ownership of goods and real estate of citizens forced to flee Germany, not to mention lots and lots of slave labor which was needed to fulfill the contracts guaranteed by influential friends like Goering.



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    Didn't Ford get compensated by the US government for damage to its factories in Germany caused by US bombing?

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    Great stuff guys - thanks all for your contributions so far

    BUT, bringing the tone back to pure reinventing, a big award for such must go to ESBIT - the maker of solid fuel stoves, thermos' and other survival gear. Started in 1936, the soldiers friend was in every breadbag in every theater of war.

    Surviving as they did making models for the Bundeswehr, their claim today is - "MADE TO SURVIVE" products & "Mutual respect and friendly relationships".

    And look at the smiling German soldiers! ..... the mutual respect and friendly relationships have served them well over the decades since the war ( well, a fuel stove never killed anyone did it - so whats to be unhappy about? )
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    The Esbit Model 9 Kocher is indeed a great little bit of history. The box shown above and here in my photos shows a complete package of full color storage box, Model 9 Kocher and Esbit Brennstoff or fuel tablets. On the side of the box there are depictions of some of the uses for the stove. Camping in the woods, at seaside or an impromptu picnic by the side of the road! We use the post war type in the field at re-enactments. NH


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    The only item I have that fits this thread (that I know of) is this DAF desk ornament, manufactured by a firm called Erhard & Söhne. They're still in operation, and today they make a variety of metal objects, including tanks (not the panzer kind!) and spare parts.


    ERHARD SERVICES - Personaldienstleistung - Personalberatung - Personalvermittlung - Arbeitnehmerüberlassung - On Site Management

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    One more folks ...

    The well known firm of Overhoff & Cie manufactured badges and buckles for the third Reich. Some of their salesman's boxes are shown below. These sold at a Herman Historica auction in November last year for an undisclosed sum.

    Another valuable post war company ( plus badges and buckles didn't commit war crimes ) that was utilized by the Bundeswehr who contracted them to supply aluminum parts, buttons & buckles to them ( look for the mark 'OLC' on BW items ... that's Overhoff )

    Until recent times the company was active - their address is given as Overhoff GmbH & Cie, Kampstr. 2-6, Lüdenscheid.

    Their product listing is stated as being - 'Metal buckles, push buttons for fashion and uniforms, metal fittings for leather, Belt and Canvas equipment, metal accessories for the garment industry, badges for caps and uniforms, mass-produced items made of wire and sheet metal, logo, metal-Sch.'

    But, they don't have a web site and I cannot be sure they exist in 2014 ( maybe some German member can do some digging )

    Cheers, Dan
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    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Quote by Neil Hever View Post
    I have a Siemens K32 radio - an entertainment radio for the Luftwaffe. Siemens is still in business so here is a bit of then and now. NH
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    I have one of those radios among my Lw radio collection.
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